2018 Leinster SFC Quarter Final, Dublin v Wicklow - Portlaoise, Sun May 27th, 4pm


Are you being serious? I consider watching it if there are no other alternatives other than listening on the radio.


Laois should have had a home game that year, but that was nothing to do with the overall capacity to facilitate season tickets, rather a lack of seats as the GAA claimed, but in reality they were just hoping to make more from stand tickets. As a season ticket holder I would happily stand if seats weren’t available. The problem with Aughrim however is that the ground isn’t big enough to cater for all the season ticket /Parnell pass holders, and as a season ticket holder I would be livid if I was told I couldn’t have a ticket for it


You can’t sell a product, giving certain guarantees, then go back on it. That leads to refunds and possible legal action.

The question id be asking is why not give Wicklow the option of playing in Croker? Then make us play away to whoever we play in the next round. It will likely be someone who can facilitate season ticket numbers


If the Dublin v Wicklow games is at Croker you’ll probably get around 20,000 people.


You would have every right to be aggrieved if you were sold a service and promised a ticket to every game.

My point is there should be a tweaking in the conditions of the season ticket, which excludes the leinster championship.

With all due respect to supporters and season ticket holders surely the Wicklow lads who’ve been training in the muck and sh*te since probably last November, deserve to play their HOME glamour tie actually at home.

The GAA just doesn’t look after the players from the weaker counties correctly IMO.


So a season ticket for Leinster counties should be inferior to the season ticket for counties elsewhere just because 11 counties in Leinster are shite?


I don’t get all this romantic home tie stuff. Much better to be practical and cater for supporters than exclude them. Beating Wicklow by 10 points in Aughrim is no different than beating them by 10 in Portlaoise or Croker. ‘Ah we got a right stuffing by the Dubs but at least it was at home and in front of more than the 400 that normally go to our games …’


How would that work, given that your guarantee of an AI final ticket is based on your attendance at previous games?


Simply put it doesn’t work. The season tickets were sold and people forked out the money for them. That’s the end of discussion. A venue that can cater for all season ticket holders from both counties HAS to be chosen. It’s an issue of legality. You can’t enter into a contract with someone and then decide to tweek it at a later stage. That’s life.


Anyone who was a season ticket holder who travelled down to tralee last year got a seat in the stand on a first come first served basis ,i didnt get one and wouldn’t have sat in it anyway ,and had to stand on terrace .


Fully agree, I was on the terrace in Tralee myself but the problem isn’t getting a seat in Aughrim, the problem is the overall capacity.


Lads will we be changing jersey for this? Maybe the all black one we wore against Cavan a few years ago at U21 level?


I really don’t see the need to change colours. I really hope we don’t go down the cynical cash-raising means of changing colours for any excuse that is so prevalent in soccer and rugby.
Teams having different jerseys for European and domestic games? No thanks. Home, away and alternate kits? No thanks.


We changed to all black (or navy?) against Cavan in the league last year which was strange as the colours are easily differentiated - we don’t ever change against Monaghan where there is more of a clash.


Surely nobody would object to the easy solution that was found by Dublin in 1953 national football league final to clash of jerseys with Cavan :wink:


Monaghan usually wear white against us nach ea?


I thought it was particularly odd as our change strip was closer in colour to Cavan’s jersey than our home strip.


I’m not sure what the current capacity limit is (I’ve seen it reported in the examiner that it is 8,500) but I know a couple of years ago they restricted it to under 4,000 (I think they have opened a new stand since then which would increase numbers.


Given that the Wicklow players have been training in muck and shite and have played large numbers of games in Aughrim in shite facilities I’d actually hazard a guess if they were asked, the Wicklow players would like the reward of playing in Croker in top class facilities and enjoy the luxuries that come with that day…


I think they’d prefer to pay anywhere but CP to improve their chances hugely.