2018 Leinster SFC Quarter Final, Dublin v Wicklow - Portlaoise, Sun May 27th, 4pm


We have enough of our own … :wink:


2018 Leinster Senior Club Result: Rathnew 1-13 Saint Vincent’s 1-9 … Should the Dubs fans be showing Wicklow more respect?


Any chance some smaller network last minute could show this game Dublin v Wicklow on tv?




None. Club and county have little to do with one another. Especially in Wicklow


No. Deals are deals. Whatever RTE have on they’re entitled to show without competition.


We will beat them by 15+. Even with a few non regular starters.


I could possibly periscope it?


Wicklow have never won Leinster. On the law of averages … just saying …


i dont see any disrespect, i do see predictions based on reality. This could be very much like the Carlow game last year, Wicklow could well match us for 60% of the game but if we stretch our legs to any great extent we can win by 8 or more points in a fairly relaxed manner. That is no disrespect to Wicklow, it is the reality of a three in a row all ireland winning team taking on a county everyone describes as minnows and are several divisions below them in the league.

i would prefer this to be a saturday evening game.


Wrong year, Bert.


It is a joke that Wicklow dont have home advantage, this whole thing of season ticket holders is a nonsense.

People should he told hard luck and Wickla should be allowed play in their home venue, complete joke it’s in Portlaois.

IF Manchester United get a Crawley Town or the likes in the FA Cup, the season ticket holders are not accommodated by moving the match to a bigger stadium.

Really is ridiculous in my opinion and devalues an already worthless competion


It’s a 24 point spread with the bookies. When was the last time we won a championship game by something approaching that that margin? Louth in 2012?


Westmeath last year 4-29 to 0-10


Of course - thanks!


Wicklow keeper Mark Jackson scored 0-7 points frees today. He have no bother shooting into Dublin end in 2 weeks judging by this video :slight_smile:


Season tickets for soccer clubs are sold to give the holder access to their clubs home games only, so the crowd capacity is always the same. The GAA season ticket on the other hand guarantees entry to ALL championship games involving the holders county. So the ground capacity has to be big enough to facilitate the number of season tickets, not the other way round.


That was schools match last year. Great composure today for a 19 yr old.


Apparently they did on the field of play but we took it off them on a technicality . Back in the 1890s or thereabouts. They re still upset about it I hear.


Well they should change it for leinster championship, I was in Nowlan Park for Dublin Laois a few years back.

And like the current situation with Wickla, it was a complete joke Lois weren’t playing at home