2018 Leinster SFC Quarter Final, Dublin v Wicklow - Portlaoise, Sun May 27th, 4pm


Goal was a Clucko calamity for me, he is prone to them every now and then but thankfully few and far between. He didn’t need to come and when he did it wasn’t clearly called or decisive. He didn’t have his best game yesterday and I was a bit dissapointed that with so many subs getting a run that Comerford didn’t get some game time. I know he is with the U20’s as well but he still could have come on as Wicklow were well bet by halftime even if to their credit they kept going.


It looks very like Evan being a passenger for the season again.


Happy are those who are patient, for theirs is the Cuxdom of Kingdom.


Razor like accuracy on the goals from Fenton and O’Callaghan. Buried right into the bottom corner.


Accidentally pressed subtitles. Had a good laugh reading them…Kirika Kenny, finny McMahon , carla callaghan, plumb hall= palm home, Rick lucky = wicklow keeper.
:joy: And plenty of other corkers.
BTW…Fenton…What a player.


Any player on a team list submitted to an inter-county referee for a senior inter-county championship match in that season will not be eligible to compete in the U20 competition. Maybe that is the reason???


Does anyone have any pics taken from behind the goals in O’Moore Park. You can’t really see it from the highlights but I’m sure I’ve noticed it before that the the arc which should be 13m radius has both its springing points in line with the edges of the parallelogram which are 19m apart??



More importantly what time was the picture taken at. You were in early :smiley:


Why was he listed for last night as was sub on Sunday?


Probably because he was the sub goalie!!!


I know how it would look and I know all that would be said about it, but was there any reason for that team we put out? The year is going to be long enough with super 8. I am not suggesting we are disrespectful but that team could start the final of the AI if we got there.

I nearly would have started the 6 lads that came on and see where they could bring us. We have a lot of games to get through without getting a man needlessly sent to the line or other stupid decisions going against one of out players


Was in about 3. Wanted to make sure the Wicklow Ultras didnt try to take that end of the ground before the cavalry arrived.


the Wicklow Ultras

What, both of them? :sunglasses:


Are the Wicklow Ultras not the dodgems in Bray?


Fair point but he didn’t start for U20’S so if just a sub for both doesn’t make sense. Leinster is ideal training ground for him at least a half a game.


Should it be 13? I thought 19…


:wink:[quote=“Wifi, post:380, topic:3448, full:true”]

Should it be 13? I thought 19…

Should be 13m out from the 20m line to the further point (in line with the penalty spot) and should be 13m out along the 20m line from either side of the mid point (i.e. again in line with the penalty spot). So the width of the arc on the 20m line should be 26m.

Width of parallelogram is 19m so the arc should start 3.5m outside the “springing points” on both sides!!!

Clear as mud!!!

Sure isn’t this what we see in every club ground!!! :wink:


What purpose does it serve anyway??


Exclusion zone for penalties, an indicator for football kickouts (even though you do not have to be outside it in all instances!!), tests the ability of the person marking the pitch, …