2018 Leinster SFC Quarter Final, Dublin v Wicklow - Portlaoise, Sun May 27th, 4pm


That is class.


come to think of it where can I buy a reservoir dubs t-shirt @JJF


Joe from http://www.nutmegclothing.com/ used to have one for sale.


Yeah, it’s for, eh, Rochey.

On a serious note, I want one. I want one so bad it hurts. Although that may be the kidney stones talking.


we should get that reprinted, i would take one#

or “the process” in AIG type logo…


If you get in touch with the lads on www.hairybaby.com (it’s a safe site, before you ask), they’ve brilliant t-shirts and are always looking for new ideas etc.


You can create & sell your own here


I might get this done.


It seems Mick Holden did a fair bit of picking lads up off the ground and giving them a shake :wink:


Maybe Red Dubs top with best Quote and design .
Get them printed.


What tshirts will be playing do we think?


Mr White, opportunity here… Remember how well the gloves went!


Haha, ya Billiks, just spat tea everywhere!


Nuttin Beats “ Kerry me bollix “


Hafta’ agree with ya there.


Oh I like that… I really like tha…


Expect to see Byrne ahead of Lowndes on Sunday. It will be interesting see what way MDMA is used later in year. Don’t think he has 70 minutes in him and played his best stuff in championship coming off the bench.


Nah rochey is a size m. Massive. Size availability = pick what ever. GDPR assures anonymity


The complacency here is astounding. People talking t-shirts and slogans - with Wicklow waiting in the long grass. They throw all their games in the League to lure us into a trap. Pretend to be miffed about Aughrim … all the while Paddy Power has them at 33/1 (bloody mean odds) … but lump on …