2018 Football Championship draw


Paul Hudson? He’s off to San Fran for a new career


My bad , meant Brian Howard !


i agree with this. maybe thats why there is so much mayo talk in november lol


Apologies if this has been covered already.

In the Super 8 setup it says every team has 1 away, 1 home & 1 croke park.

Does that mean for us that we have 2 croke park games?


You’d imagine unless they decide to give us two away games seeing as we play all our games , bar the opening game , in Croker .


Or do we play one Croker, one away and one at a neutral venue?


In theory yes.


And in practice?


Probably two games in Croker and one away I’d imagine


I can hear the uproar already!


That big cunning stunt paddy orourke has quit the meath panel for next year ,that means that joe Sheridan is next in line ,you could not make it up .


With a bit of luck he will carry the ball over the line against Louth :wink:


Revolutionary stuff from Meath , this may just eclipse Stephen taking our frees !


Joe walked away.

Paddy was pushed, arguably the worst keeper in county football last few years


That kick out against louth …


Hold them travel plans - looks like it’ll be a long time before we know if and where we are on the road for our Leinster opener …


Anybody know when the Super 8 provisional fixture list will be out?

Trying to book a holiday but don’t want to do anything for August until I know or see some provisional dates…

In the past, you could see “Leinster winner Vs Qualifer” etc… and could be safe enough making plans.


I think I saw the dates for the three games on gaa.ie


If you can find it again I’d be really grateful?

I’ve been on the site for the last 10 mins and can see nothing. They still have 2017 fixture wall charts and only league fixtures up as far as I can see.



Looks like the middle two weekends in July and the first weekend in August if I’m reading this correctly.