2018 Football Championship draw


I agree with you in that man for man we would appear to have the much stronger footballers, but I also get what Mayoman is saying in that their team has consistently stuck with us in the big games, and generally speaking it has been the influence of our subs, (Costello last year, DC this) that have made the difference.
The best thing that could happen Mayo this year would be to win their first couple of games in the league. That would give Rochford the freedom to put the newer players in for an extended run of games without worrying too much about relegation. It’s been that freedom to play lads in the league that has allowed Gavin to build up his squad over the last couple of years to the strength it is now. It has been such a gradual progression that people have hardly noticed, but put it this way, if at the start of the 2016 league you were told that Dublin would be in an all Ireland final in 18 months time, with everyone fully fit, and would be starting O Callaghan, O Gara, Andrews, Mannion and Small ahead of others you would have been removed by the men in white coats.


Are we back on the opinion that Rock is now undropable ?.And now that we have Costello back that increases competition.Unless Flyners form improves next year I could see him joining Bernard on the bench .
Who was underperforming to suggest we need to freshen up the forwards ?
Mannion had an outstanding year .Con , best young forward in the country.Rock best free taker in the country .
Andrews was surprisingly poor against Mayo considering he has done so well against them so I’d put that down to having an off day .O’Gara can have his moments but I don’t think he’s up to it anymore , starting anyway .If Jim can give Paddy Small a run out it will be like having 3 new forwards ( himself , Con & Costello ) to replace Bernard , Flynn & possibly keV in the starting lineup .
I’m not sure what Lowndes role is yet , is he a forward , I’d have him in the backs .


I would struggle to see Bernard , Andrews , mdma or O Gara Ger much game time next year


Would you have Flynn in ahead of him ? Andrews certainly scores more but I don’t think in the same ball park winning his own ball I think . I’d still prefer to have McCarthy in the backs but until someone comes along to replace him I think he’s stuck there .Not that I think he isn’t doing a great job .
If Fenton gets injured we need mdma to cover .That’s why I think he’ll be kept around .He might not be happy with that but I think he has no problem with what’s expected of him to put in a shift if needed .
What we desperately need is cover for Fenton .I think that should be priority for the year .


There are quality backs in Mayo and always have been. It is up front executing under extreme pressure where we have fallen down. I would also take the captaincy away from Cillian O Connor. I am a big fan of his but he ain’t the same player since he became captain and more often than not gets involved in off the field stuff.

I have no problem with him walloping a back who gets at him but he runs around the place looking for it when he should be concentrating on scoring. That’s just my opinion. We also have a new minor (u-17) manager in Thomas Morley who is highly rated and our underage setup needs some surgery.


It has to be good. He is a risk taker (mostly in a positive sense) and has gotten you to two AI’s in a row, his pedigree with Corofin and the way he had those lads playing should also stand to him.
I agree with him needing to blood some of the U21’s in the early part of the league but I will be curious how he approaches the summer and the free taking responsibilities. I don’t recall you taking the FBD league that seriously and players get plenty of game time with their colleges.


Keegan s/b captain, he always plays well for ye in big games


Going in to that game though if we are still in with 10 mins to go we are in with a real chance .When we went 4 points down with 8 mins left and they started playing the ball laterally across the middle of the field was thinking this is def it ,hope they don’t stretch this to 6/8 points and we can come back harder the year after .
Always remember coming out of croker and a Kerry lad on his mobile " we threw it away ,we threw it away " !!!


What about Arron Byrne for next year ?? Thought he was sensational in the under 21 final this year even better than con .


Looking at that we could play mayo in the semi final , also if cork make it into the group a match down in the real capital beckons !!!


Not seen much of the u21s , but I think Hudson is promising . Even if Jim only gave him a short run out this it shows he sees something in .He did the same with Con last year .


Great post @spanner - Mayo if they were clever would win the first few league games and then rebuild in league - leaving them eventually less dependent on Moran Higgins Boyle etc - I’m not sure they will though…

The subtlety in gavin that brings down the age profile of the core squad, while still winning all Ireland’s goes wildly unnoticed by, in my opinion, a very stupid professional media who are just looking for current sound bites


Tbf we knew Con was going to be good , but nobody thought he would have the stealer season he had .Scully should also get the plaudits. I predict big things for him for the future .
This transition of youth by Jim has been brilliant .


Keegan yes, possibly Aidan. I would pick Boyler but he possibly won’t be on the pitch enough going forward to be captain


The title of captain is redundant these days. I don’t think who you name your captain as makes a blind bit of difference.

We don’t even have a captain in the club back home. There’s just no need to name one guy, when leadership duties are shared between lots of people.


Maybe but o Connor takes it very seriously indeed ( including his losing speeches ) and often forgets about the basics of kicking a free

I often think that o Connor is often playing the game in third person - he whacks his hand in the air even before an arm is on him


Or maybe he is just a very average player at this level. If Durkan can kick frees as well as he did with the couple of opportunities he had this year I see no future in that team for COC.


O Connor took a good minute on that free ( which wasn’t a free or a line ball in the first place - ref and linesmen gave two bad calls ) - what was noticable was that his own supporters might have put him off a bit when they gasped at the 6 minute injury time announced just before he kicked

Get over it Mayo fans we had the same thing last year when 6 and 7 minutes injury time was announced at the end of both game with us leading - you have to play it out


Keegan is your real leader in the big finals, its as clear as water to me


Football semi finals are a week after super 8s end