2018 Football Championship draw


Leinster v Connacht next year in semi or does the Super 8s throw that out the window ?


I agree…a change in management team is not what is needed now. I do believe we need to go through, win Connacht and get to the Super 8’s playing the least amount of games possible.

I don’t get the “chatter” online on other platforms that Mayo fans should get back in their box and face reality…when in fact reality is we have been very close these past 7 years so there is no reason not to feel we can do it next year. Much of this I have noticed comes from counties who really should look to get their own house in order.


Considering ye don’t care that much about winning Connacht , do you envisage a new approach to the league as well . Surely it’s time to give some youthful forwards a run out now , get experience .




I think winning Connacht is a must for the least amount of games. It is always “nice” to win a Connacht title but this group have multiple titles. It would be a boost to younger players to win Connacht though.

I can’t see a different approach to the league…it will be about staying in the division. Too many players are based in Dublin and elsewhere with college etc and I know training is scheduled and tailored to meet this need and to “peak” later in the year.

A direct route next year also removed the scary moments of madness we have experienced through the backdoor which means eventually you can get caught out.


Mayo will definitely be there or thereabouts next year because they are the second best team around and the general standard is chronic. I just don’t know what they can do differently. I think it is fair to say that they have played to their optimum much more so than Dublin in all three finals and still haven’t won. I still believe that they have at least 3/4 players who are just not All Ireland standard. People may point out the fact that they drew and have lost by a single point twice - but the important word here is lost. I actually thought Dublin were kicking on for a comfortable win when Keegan goaled and that made it sticky again.

I see us improving again next year so whoever beats us will have to be better than we were this year.


Mayo need to be a four or five point better team than Dublin on the day to beat them by one point. It’s a psychological thing.


No - I think it’s just in their heads.


Not so sure…Dublin and Mayo for me kind of cancel each other out on the starting 15 v 15. I am not saying we have better or as good players in every position than Dublin before someone rams it down my throat.

The Dublin bench have been the winning of the games for me. I think the stat is in the 3/4 final games Mayo and Dublin have played each other, the Dublin subs have contributed 0-8 while ours have 0-1…in one point defeats that’s your difference.


Aye but the bench is as part of the game as the starting XV and there is no doubt Dublin have a huge advantage there over every other county.

But I don’t agree with your point on the starting XV on the basis that a number of your starters would not get in the Dublin XV (or some even on the panel) IMO. Clarke aside, neither of the O’Connors, neither of the O’Sheas, and neither Vaughan nor Doherty would start for Dublin.


They can’t afford to drop any of their big players to the bench to correct this . I don’t see our bench getting any worse either tbh .


I just most times feel that to win a game, the underdog has to outperform the opposition by more than the actual winning margin. I felt Dublin were probably a 3 or 4 point better team than Kerry in 2011.

Then again, most (Kerry) pundits had Dublin as the underdog last month so I suppose that’s my theory out the window.


The bookies didn’t though. We played our best final and still didn’t win…that’s why it’s the worst one yet to take. That said Dublin are some team so what can you do only tip your hat to them. That said no team is unbeatable and I still think we are the best placed team to challenge ye in 2018.


Yeah ? I was just glad we got there but before the game I had no thoughts like that . Felt we were on a serious run though & the hard games gave us momentum . We allowed them back in after half time . I think anyway when they went up 4 points the boat may have sailed . But they just didn’t give up , which past teams hadn’t had that in them.
But 3,4 points better , no way would o have thought that.


One point better on the scoreboard was good enough for me, regardless of what else happened!!! :sunglasses:


Next year I think has to be the year for Mayo .Now I know outsiders say that every year but after that last final I’m not sure what else they could have done .To beat Dublin I think we have to be seriously off our game .Not the first final last year but Donegal '14 . And that is totally possible.


Parsons Boyle and Moran and Higgins are definitely conning close to their end age wise no different to some of our players so Mayo would want to win it very soon -they’ll always be competitive but these lads are leaders and won’t be easily replaced


We were well off our game last year and the first half this year and they still couldn’t do it.


Thing is , is the same quality coming through to replace these three .Maybe mayoman can suggest who they may be .


I think when you look at how badly our forwards struggled with the mayo defence in the first half it brings into question how much gavin has to freshen things up

In my view he needs to be a ruthless

I think mayo are a sum of the parts team rather then individually brilliant and it works for them

They are one of the best teams of the modern era in my estimation due to their ability to get so close to the best team in the history of the game