2018 Football Championship draw


I would apply same standards so what’s your point here Bart? My issue is with Keegan and the way he plays the game.


He was a good player for the BIFFOs back in the day


Just asking whether you’d include

Phillly Mc Mahon in your analysis as you’d have to really


Ain’t going to go there with you Bart because reckon you’re acting the flute here yourself.


I’m not in fairness . Keegan is no better or worse for bending the rules when the occasion demands


I’d be dangerous if I could read…


Would you not agree the Dubs are held to a higher standard than other counties and negative accusations are given a disproportionate amount of airtime.


The Connolly Keegan debacle last year and DCs sending off the previous year are good examples.
DC the villain while Keegan is celebrated for keeping him “under wraps”. Philly headbutt & gouging incidents .

And then you have teflon COC who not once has been pulled up for his snakey off the ball shit & only saw the line against Kerry a couple of years ago because he was stupid enough to lash out right infront of the ref , very unlike him .

So much crap that’s turned a blind eye to .But everything we do is put under a microscope & up on the internet before ya know it .Our only mistake is we seem to be getting caught unlike other counties.
Yet we still keep beating these teams .

And when we highlight something like the GPS incident we are seen as poor winners .WTF .


Well said and your points rubber stamp what I believe to be true, that this Dublin team is not a good team. why ? because good teams can be celebrated, their here for a short time and they are not a threat to the status quo, county boards will stay the same, managers will still bluff and rules and structures won’t be questioned.
Now what this Dublin team is, is a great team and great teams shake the fundamentals of the sport, this upsets everyone except the great team and its supporters. Attempts will be made both overtly and covertly to challenge them both on and off the pitch and their achievements will be questioned rather than praised.
Fortunately this team will get the true recognition they deserve but only after their greatness on the pitch has come to pass.


Considering the amount of whining about nothing on here sometimes I think we are poor winners.

It’s almost November. Let it go.


■■■■ them napper ■■■■ them all. three in a row that’s all want to know!


Poor winners my arse Alan! You can stick your head in the sand all you want but out in the real world sh1t happens and some of us here actually notice and respond. Get over yourself will ya!


Shit happens?



Sh1t happens as in Kimmage, McKenna and all the other anti Dublin crap, lies and negativity. Didn’t think it was that difficult to work out?


No , as long they try & diminish us I’ll point out the hypocrisy.


Could ye not be like the girls in Ballyragget and turn the other cheek?


Over here the news that Rochford is staying on is welcome. I have it that Buckley and McEntee will also be staying on. I think management got alot right this year especially once the team hit Croke Park. The kick passing improved throughout the year. Rochford has received some daft abuse from within and outside the county.

The introduction of fresh blood is a must in the spring. I wouldn’t play any of the first team in the FBD league.


I believe he’s done a very good job and deserves his extension


Gives a sense of progression but if Kerry or Mayo exit championship earlier than they this year ( in kerrys case the same level ) I’m not the managers necessarily hang around


Mayo have shown enough resilience under Rochford to remain one win over Dublin away from an All-Ireland title. It’s not unreasonable for them to believe that their day will come. Changing managers would set them back a bit, I feel.