2018 Football Championship draw


Set achievable targets and who knows how far you can go. Another point I believe worth noting, mentioned recently on another thread, and that is the lack of top teams which has facilitated a particular narrative. I expect there to be change to that in the next 2 to 3 years with possibly 2 teams joining the group behind the dubs & making the path to the semis competitive .


I agree with you about McCarthy, he has quiet possibly been Dublins most consistent performer since 2011, but the fact that he is such an outstanding player for Dublin shouldn’t take away from how good Curran was or what he brought to that Dublin team.
As for revisionism, picking the 94 final, where Curran was played out of position and asked to mark one of the best forwards in the game at that time doesn’t really give a fair and balanced view of his abilities either. He was one of the best attacking wing backs in the game, expecting him to play corner back on a player like Linden was lunacy, and would have been viewed at the time as one of the key reasons we lost that game.
It’s quiet possible that if McCarhty was put in a similar role he might struggle too. Lee Keegan definitely did when Roscommon dragged him back into his own full back line this year.
As you said, it’s impossible to gauge players from different eras against each other, but I do think you are being harsh on Curran as a player.


Over having a look on the Meath GAA fan forum.

Their suggesting that that McEntee should refuse to play his first 15 against Dublin and put out the reserves.

This would leave them fresh for the qualifiers and protect morale.

Really sad state of affairs when opinions like that are actually agreed with.

Meath once a proud county is now almost completely dead


And what does that do for morale for the reserves ?


Exactly the point that was raised by counter arguments.

The refusal to play the first 15 would also be done as a protest of sorts.

Showing the GAA how unhappy the are at the perceived disparity in funding


Fair point but you have also sailed close to the wind a few times in the qualifiers which also by your own logic leaves you likely to get knocked out at some stage.


I agree…which is why I believe we need to go through the front door in 2018 and take the direct route with less games, especially with the supers 8’s.


I’m not going to scroll back and find quotes but, for me, Paul Curran was one of the cleverest and most natural footballers ever to play for Dublin. By his own admission, he was a very late developer. I remember hearing him saying he couldn’t get a game at U-15 with Thomas Davis but went on to play minor for Dublin.

The Mickey Linden reference was unfair, also, in my opinion. Curran was played out of position in that game. Linden was also at the top of his game back then. He was a handful for everyone who marked him (except Clarkey!!!).


Agreed. Curran was fabulous, natural footballer who played the game the right way in what was bloody tough time to play inter county football. That alone puts him ahead of Keegan who in my view is simply a cheat. Having an edge is one thing. Playing the game over the edge all the time doesn’t make him a great footballer, it makes him a cheat regardless of the footballing ability he has.

The fact he gets away with it the majority of the time is a poor reflection on how Mayo games tend to be referee’d. Whether that’s down to just blatant poor refereeing or the poor Mayo view the media & referees take I don’t know. Bottom line I would take Curran ahead of Keegan every time for Dublin.


Bottom line for me is that if your wing backs were Curran and Keegan, you’d be well on your way to winning far more games than losing. :wink:


And our refusal to be split in half ,quarters etc and what ever the bould colm o Rourke had planned for us !!


We could protest by putting out our third team. Only problem with that protest is we’d still win …


Agree with you that Curran was a serious player and I would have been critical of Keegan but when you look at his record over past 6/7 years , no player in Championship that he has been marking has scored more that 1 point from play and he scores some incredible goals, even SC could not get near them in the finals. I feel that he is physically tougher that TOS and definitely more agressive and much faster. I also heard that in lead up to the final that he is supposed to have missed a hell of a lot of training due to his foot infection. I would have him on any team, but he is one tough B…


Finbarr Cullen !!!


We do that in the O’Byrne cup already…

Unrelated note - are we it’s current holders?


Yes Paul Clarke’s finest hour …


He is a tough character but the sh1te he gets up to continuously and gets away with off the ball takes away from where he sits compared to other great players. An example from the AIF of what he does and incredibly gets away with sums his approach to the game:- roughly halfway thru first half ball is sky’d close to 20m line at Hill end. Couple of Mayo and Dublin players are moving in to compete for the ball. CK makes run in to jump for the ball, Keegan follows him in and instead of competing for the ball reefs CK by the neck down on to the ground. Ball breaks to Mayo player and they clear. CK gets up holding his neck and looks around incredulously wondering how no official has seen this. Not only do the officials ignore what’s just happened but so does the tv commentary.

Multitude of similar examples with Connolly and other players. The GPS stuff is the type of brazen cheating Keegan chanced partly because he gets away with so much crap the rest of the time. Has the talent to be great player but not with this boll0xology.


I think that you are being a little harsh on the chap, sure he isn’t even the most cynical or dirtiest player in his squad. Stick a Blue Jersey on him, and maybe you’d think he was a legend.

Said it before, and I’ll say it again, if I had the pick of the Mayo squad, he’d be the first one I’d go for, and it’s not like we’re thin on the ground for attacking wing backs as it is…

He is asked to do too much at IC level. He can only mark one guy at a time, so when he was on Kilkenny, Dermo was freed up to run riot.

Him, and maybe 3/4 others are carrying a large percentage of that squad.


Don’t think I’m being harsh. He has the talent / ability to be great player and there’s always a certain amount of acting the flute that goes with top defenders. Jonny and Philly certainly do their bit but think that goes with being a corner back to some extent. Keegan takes it too far in my view. If he was from Dublin I’d be very happy to have his footballing talent but would hate the other crap he gets up to.


We’ve had worse in a Dublin jersey . I assume you’d apply the same standards ?