2018 Football Championship draw


not like you to compliment Leeroy, whats happened there?


I have been hard on him up to now, heard he is a good character though, getting soft in old age, there are some great players around now, Cluxton best goalie ever, Connolly one of the best ever and McCarthy IMO one of the best players to play for Dublin. I think the standard is better than those idiots in Telly are making out, my view for what its worth.


Paul Curran wouldn’t lace the boots of any others listed including Lee Keegan imho


Then IMO you are truly a lost cause


You obviously never seen Curran play if thats your opinion. He was head and shoulders Dublins best and most consistent player in the early 90’s.


You can come on here and throw around the plaudits how great & complete a player/team is or isn’t or what they could have, should have, would have done or not done, and all the rest of the chatter and that’s all it is, is chatter. It’s sport not charity, the winner is the winner and the rest are just that, the rest.


I haven seen Paul play for over 35 years, before he ever went near Thomas Davis and I maintain my opinion that he is well behind Tomas o Se Lee Keegan or James McCcarthy. Being most consistent in the esrly 90s wouldn’t cut much mustard on the current team is my. belief

A fine servant of Dublin and s really good footballer in case anyone thinks I’m maligning his playing career…


Football has never been poorer though in terms of lack of teams with real quality, I admire Mayo but there is nothing in Connacht - and they haven’t won any of the last two. Nothing in Ulster and absolutely nothing in Leinster and as mediocre a Kerry team as I have seen in Munster … and yet they won Sam …


Can’t really use todays fitness and conditioning levels as the only measure of how good a footballer might be. I accept that players from the 90’s (or 80’s or 70’s) wouldn’t cut it in todays game in that regard, but to put it another way, if a player of Currans footballing ability and intelligence came through todays system of development squads and S&C, he would be a stand out player in todays game the same as he was in his own era.


Yes I think that is fair comment. And Curran had the physique of the current ‘ideal’ GAA player and S&C would have been meat and drink to him.


Lostcause is apt in this case!
Paul Curran was one of the finest footballers to ever wear a Dublin shirt.
Head and shoulders above his peers.
1 AI,6 Leinsters.3 All Stars and POTY in '95.
Ah, he was alright!


But not able for Mickey Linden when it really mattered.

I know Paul Currans playing record as well as the next man there is a fair bit of tinted revisionism here. I’m only rating him on playing.

Punditry and mercenary club management hasn’t improved his standing in the game but that’s a separate seal.

I wish I had his ability but leaving aside the 2 non dubs, I rate McCarthy a siperoog footballer both for versatility, ability to tightly mark when a defeunder and superior vision when attacking…

But obviously impossible to gauge different generations against each other. Medals alone is no comparitor


Not looking for plaudits just pointing out that to say we are lucky is bullshit. There is a fine line between winning and loosing. History won’t remember Mayo ran Dublin close unless we win a final soon.


To be fair that’s going back a long time…nothing years ago either


It may be a fine line, but getting close to the line is no guarantee your capable of ever crossing it. May I suggest you swallow some of your own advice and move out of the victim bubble you have been afforded with the media and come back to the real world of competitive sport. Possibly start the new season with a more realistic target of getting past Galway and stepping it up then to go on and win Connacht. At least that way the deluded supporters and agenda driven media will have some reward for their caustic support. I accept your misinterpretation of a love of football to equate as dislike for the " victims " but that’s just media conditioning which I can assure you will be cured by the dawning light of the dubs 5 in a row .


That’s pretty unfair in my view. they were within a point 3 times of beating the greatest team of the modern era. Nobody else got that close. So they are not deluded into thinking they should and could be winning AI’s.


Maybe Galway should think that their 2nd best in the country so !


I don’t play the victim card and certainly don’t look for sympathy. I am a firm believer if you keep putting yourself in a good position that eventually you can get your reward. Mayo keep knocking at the door…true there is no guarantee but there is no point in giving up either.


As John Cleese’s character said in the film Clockwise:
"it’s not the despair, Laura. I can take the despair. It’s the hope I can’t stand "


Mayoman I don’t necessarily agree with some of your views but for what it’s worth appreciate your contribution on this and other threads. With all the social media nonsense doing the rounds it’s actually great to get balanced & reasoned Mayo perspective.