2018 Football Championship draw


One point lads :blush:


Still failed to get there, personally think the one point losses flatter them.


Doesn’t say much for us that in three finals we’ve beaten them by an aggregate of 3 points


3 Sam Maguires to show for it says plenty


Why super 8 will suit us even more next year


To a point but if it’s only beating this Mayo team that are supposedly useless by one point each time …


Useless is quite obviously incorrect when describing this team. Quite simply they are the second best team in the country and have been consistently over the last 6 years.
It is up for debate why they haven’t got over the line and it is also up for debate as to whether this group ever will. Personally I don’t think so. But if we are one of the best teams of all time they are an exceptional team, just not as good.


They are a very good team. Wouldn’t agree they are exceptional. They seem to able to play very well / disrupt us when we play but beyond that have looked very ordinary in lots of games. Beaten by mediocre Galway team last two years. Not even close to a league title in last 7/8 years. Definitely a good team with a number of very good players but exceptional they are not.


It’s a matter of opinion. I think they are exceptional due to the fact they go toe to toe with arguably the best team of all time and never really get beaten by much. They target the games in August and September, any success before that is a bonus. Unlike Dublin they don’t have the strenght in depth to target both league and All Ireland. In fact Dublin couldn’t even do it this year.


They have a few serious players that are really up for it in big games.


It just indicates that we haven’t performed as well as we can but we still win and adapt our approach to the season to suit. This year not focussing on the league as much and I have no doubt JG will have a plan to adapt to S8, if Mayo and others don’t then they will fail.
Also they have only gotten to final by skin of their teeth last two years and I don’t think they can afford to go so close again.


Who can never seem to finish the job against us .


A lucky team doesent reach semi finals or finals for 7 years in a row. I know you don’t like Mayo but try look at things objectively


Hyperbole maybe in your genes, a good team doesn’t lose them either :joy:


Mayo are a fine team, need a bit of luck to get over the line. You have some serious players, Keegan IMO best half back I have ever seen and Higgins and Boyle are warriors.


Best half back you’ve ever seen. Seriously? When exactly did you start watching football?


Almost 50, He is some player, dont particuliarly like the guy but is some player


It’s all about opinions I know but would put a number of players ahead of him without even trying to give it much thought - Tomas OSe, Paul Curran, James McCarthy to name just 3 better players off the cuff. Would have no problem adding to that list.

Keegan plays a horrible type of football. Is actually a talented footballer if / when he decides to try and play football. Should never have been given POTY.


It’s opinions really . I think he’s a brilliant player and I’d definitely want him in my team


I just think he is an incredible athlete, very strong and fast, kicks points from distance with both feet and can score great goals in big games as being able to mark (with the dark arts, I agree…)