2018 Football Championship draw


Would only spoil the surprise! It’ll be out soon enough


Genuine question, maybe any of the lads with administrative experience know, why does this draw happen so early??


No idea but to me it demeans the league totally and champ draw shouldn’t take place until league is over.

An example us Ros common 2 years in a row with effectively s dead rubber to get into provincial final and they know it 8 months put so can focus exclusively on a single championship match to make super8


Huge game in the west next season…Mayo v Galway in Castlebar. The loser would have to play 7 games to reach a semi final. While I wouldn’t rule us out (if we lost), we can’t keep doing these long routes through the qualifiers. Mayo will want to go through the front door to the super 8’s next year. We also won’t want to loose to Galway 3 years in a row…too early to make a prediction but one to look forward too.


Mayo will have to win that first game against galway and prepare for it accordingly - now that the dust as settled they will realise they played 19 odd championship games the last two years and don’t have a single medal for their efforts - going through the back door and then super 8’S won’t work for them next year


Everyone said that this year too .


Indeed, and they came away with nothing after 10 more games. If they’d beaten Galway and
the Roscommon this year they would have been quite fresh and still made the final IMO

7 of their first 15 are the wrong side of 30 now and it will start catching up with them very soon


Typically with this mayo team they tend to confound the odds so I think the comments as regards the number of games is a red herring
Playing games beats training every time in my view .


Age is catching up with them. If Andy Moran and Keith Higgins stay injury free and have the same legs at 35 i’ll be impressed

Seamus o Shea/Parsons/Boyle are the same ages as Brogan/MDMA/Flynn… not young.


I still think they’ve a year left even if it meant playing a lot of games . Either way Galway are unlikely to win . Simply because Mayo ae miles better then them


The original point is that Galway beat Mayo the last two years becuase Mayo were preparing for late summer. My point for next year is that i’m not sure Mayo with an aging core can afford to be doing the same again next June with the Super 8s comming also.

10 championship Games is a lot when you win nothing[quote=“TheLoneRanger, post:32, topic:2693”]
Connacht championships mean nothing to mayo . It’s like winning a euro on an each way bet . Same as us forcleibster

I’d say it means something to a lot of them .Most people like to win trophies. Dublin incliuded


Connacht championships mean nothing to mayo . It’s like winning a euro on an each way bet . Same as us forcleibster

My view is the number of games is irrelevant got them . They’ll be in the last 4 in my view either way


I agree…one more chance (although we have been saying that for a while) for this set of players. It won’t mean the end of Mayo though…we have been competitive for as long as I can remember following Mayo (1996)…some friends I have outside the county except us to end up like Cavan or Meath…not a hope of that happening. Nobody should underestimate the legacy this Mayo team leaves for kids in the county…All Ireland medals or not the appetite and desire for football within the county is palpable.


Most definetly , football is more than a way of life there .And ye take it on the chin each year & move on .Not many county teams out there could endure the losses ye have taken & come back every year .It would have broken most teams at this stage .


If they did say it they were right, Mayo won nothing in the past two years not even a Nestor Cup. All the eggs in one basket and our lads went and ruined it for them. They are trying a different approach which has to be admired but again they need to look at a different one for next year IMO.


Doing just fine I’d have said . One more scoring forward and that will be enough


Winning nothing Bart I would have said


One more year, one more chance, one more forward, one more etc etc if they were a race horse they would’ve been put down long ago. They play the victim role well and leverage a lot of advantage from it not withstanding that, failure to beat Galway for 3rd year in a row will undermine that and expose them to the truth, which in my opinion is they are a very lucky good team more so than an unlucky one.


A better team than Derry would have put them out in their first qualifier. They fell over the line against a poor Cork team too. Won after ET in both games as well


I hope they agree with you and persist with the current approach as it will result in failure again IMO.