2018 Football Championship draw


Here you go @Hawkeye

Round 1 July 14/15 (all games in Croke Park)
Round 2 July 21/22
Round 3 August 4/5/6


Much appreciated @dubinhell and @dcr22B



Look up the Dublin fixture plan. All the Dublin inter county details are included. Available on www.dublingaa.ie


I guess that’s 2 extra games as regards attendance percentage on your season ticket . I wont complain any extra games to get to watch is a bonus.
Although looks like I’ll miss the last 2 games in quarters as I’m away. I better make sure I don’t miss many league games.
Are we playing away for last two games of quarters or just one of those.


Supposed to be one home, one away and one neutral. The first one will be in Croker. So god knows how they’ll work that out :wink:

Some grumpy culchies might have to accept Croker is both home and neutral for the Dubs. Tiny minds blown :wink:


They have a point. It can’t be both.


Where do we play it then ? Croker is the only viable option for us rightly or wrongly.


v Kerry in the Nell for our home tie …


Its likely to be whatever option makes the most money.

Which has its pros and cons.


I don’t disagree. But a lot of people have argued that Croke Park is not Dublin’s home ground. Either it is or it isn’t. That has not yet been defined.


Croke park is not Dublins home ground, but to facilitate a maximum of both home and away supporters it’s only logical that it is utilised. Abbotstown was home ground for Meath hurlers last night I seen no big issue.Donegal switch and swap between ballyshannon, letterkenny and ballybofey and Kerry switch between Tralee and Killarney. Would love the dubs to build a replica Croke park with a 30,000 capacity, it would be great for Dublin Gaa but for the Gaa nationally and Croke park it could be very damaging.


So where are we playing the home game then?

The arrangements for the Super 8 are very specific. One home, one away and one neutral. Where is our home game going to be played?


We will have 2 games in Croke park both our designated home game and our designated Croke park game, I am sure any county with capacity issues in their stadia can look elsewhere and I believe that’s what happens.


So Croke Park is our home ground?

I’d say there will be a big push to make our Croke Park game our home game and then make us travel for a neutral and away game


1st round of Super 8s have been set for Croker have they not ? If so the following 2 rounds are the home and away fixtures


Prepare for the complaining then when Dublin get two home games!


Are there any minimum criteria as to what is considered a suitable venue for a “home” Super 8 game? Spectator facilities? Dressing rooms? Minimum number of seats? Media facilities?


That would be forward planning.

Not sure they’ve gotten that far into it. After all, they don’t know where Dublin will be playing their home game!


Can’t wait for the away game in Drogheda.


This is not that confusing…Dublin’s home ground is PP.

As with any other county, where the home venue is deemed insufficient (by size, facilities etc.) the game can be moved to the nearest, most suitable venue. In Dublin’s case, that is CP. This does not mean that CP is our “home venue”…

Lets not kid ourselves, Dublin will play two of our S8 games at CP, regardless of what the small minded swap donkeys have to say about it.

The simple reason being €€€€€.