2018 Football Championship draw


Draw is tonight on RTE. Assuming we are on the road I wonder how they will deal with it. Lots of counties would not be able to host us … Longford, Wicklow, Louth, Meath ? … a trip to Tullamore would be nice. Tidy ground!


Be interesting to see what would happen if we draw Mordor. Navan hasn’t the capacity. Would they drag both counties to Portlaoise or Tullamore ?


Mordor would probably prefer to bring us to Clones if they could get away with it.


Would probably still out number them :+1:


I think it’s quite clear with the Super 8s that money rules all now. Dublin will have an away game and a neutral game in the Super 8s. That’ll keep the natives quiet. Unless they draw a minnow in the first round they’ll be in Croke Park from the off.


We’ll likely draw an either/or anyway. 75% chance I believe? :wink:


Rossies as good as into the Connacht final. Play the winners of New York/Leitrim in the semis


Donegal v Cavan in the prelim round …riveting game no doubt … predicting a 2-1 score line …


It’s Dublin v winners of Offaly and Wicklow


Offaly or Wicklow.

Off to Tullamore then if Offaly win. Wonder were it’ll be played if it’s Wicklow


Carnew Emmets … :flushed:


I literally can’t wait…


Offaly and Wicklow would lose to ballymun and vins


Maybe not if Vins could only play Dubs … :wink:


Ah sure they might sign sa dub for next year to bring the quota back up :wink::wink:


You mean ‘Figuratively’, not literally. #save_literally


Maybe that’s the solution to the AFL5 problem for next year. Add Wicklow and Offaly to the mix, and see how they get on!


13 of starting 15 were dubs in SFC semi.


I’d suspect Scoil have far more than Vins…care to enlighten us


I’d say they might opt for Wexford if the can’t hold it in Aughrim.