2018 Dublin GAA Fixture Plan


Jaysus :rofl:


For a half 7 match you would, midweek or not. Have done it plenty of times


What time would you leave Balbriggan at for a 7pm arrival to Ballyboden?


Would have to leave at 5pm to have a 90% chance of being there for 7pm. Could do a risky 6pm and get there 6:50 or 7:30 possibly.


Well we left Skerries after 6 a few times in the last few years and got there for 7 no hassle. Balbriggan is onto the motorway quicker than Skerries. The traffic is much quieter after 6.15/6.30 midweek heading that direction


It’s never too early to leave Balbriggan (says the guy from Edenmore).


Hasnt Edenmore gone a little hipster these days :slight_smile:


Shoot from the hipster, more like.


Is Ali selling Avo on toast now instead of £1 specials?


Organic, you’d hope?


Washed down by a vanilla frappachino


A swig of TCP.


Does anyone know how the Junior Championships are being structured? Is a round robin still on the cards?


Yes. All championships will be round robin.


Cheers. Assuming it is groups of 3 and fixtures in April “Champ 1” and “Champ 2” refer to that?


I’m not sure . It all depends on the number of entrants.