2018 Dublin GAA Fixture Plan


AFL6 added


Liffey Gaels missing from AFL6 and there is a bye game for each club. is that an oversight ?


do you mean missing from AFL7?


sorry yes afl 7. I was looking through the leagues and couldn’t see them


AFL5 added


AFL4 added : https://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/125269


Thanks for this lads.


I wonder are they fielding this year? Strange not on list.


Fair play with this post. Very handy


No sign of div 1


I’d be surprised if they pulled the team as I know the guy managing the team and he was looking for someone to train them only a few weeks back


Could you do the same for the hurling whatever?


Will do once they become available.

All league added to my first post.


There seems to be a bye in that league so maybe they will slot in there


Ask yoda he s a Liffey gaels alien/man


If only they’d could make it that simple!! One midweek game which caught my eye was O’dwyers away to ballyboden on a Tuesday night in AFL 5, ridiculous carry on with whoever did that


40 mins max on the M50. These distances aren’t an issue anymore


On a Saturday evening or Sunday morning maybe but I’d say no chance on an evening during the week.


Not a hope you’d do it in 40 mins on that poxy road midweek.


you wouldn’t do it in 40 … maybe m m m m50