2018 Dublin GAA Fixture Plan


With 3 up 3 down in football this year 1 team is going to have to be relegated from AFL 5.


CCC hope to have actual fixtures by the end of next week


Pardon my ignorance here, but why couldn’t one more team come up from Div 6 so that two leagues have 15 teams? Is it over the 3 teams promoted in 2018?


Last year, the reason given was so that teams wouldn’t be going a month without football when it is their week to have the bye.

There was supposed to be no relegation last year so that the 14 team league would move down to 6 this year, 7 next year and so on but two teams gave two walkovers last year so were automatically relegated.

As far as I know, teams can still apply to be put into a certain league so not sure why 5 wasn’t topped up to 16 at the expense of a different division to give teams still in 5 the chance to have a full year of fixtures this year


Is it both codes for 3 up 3 down?


Thanks for that, I do remember reading the 14 teams would move down each year to the next division but I never accounted for the two teams giving Walkovers.

Not ideal as we went long stretches without matches during the Summer months…


No. Just football.


Posted on afl5 that 2 fixtures that should be cancelled in afl5 are on Tues 17th and Tues 31st as rounds of fixtures 2 days before each of these rounds on sun 15th and Sun 29th of july


Adult League fixtures are beginning to appear on Dublingaa.ie. Div’s 11N, 11S and 10 are up now.


AFL1 - https://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/125275
AFL2 - https://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/125274
AFL3 - https://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/125272
AFL4 - https://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/125269
AFL5 - https://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/125259
AFL6 - https://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/125242
AFL7 - https://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/125233
AFL8 - https://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/125210
AFL9 - https://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/125209
AFL10 - https://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/125197
AFL11S - https://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/125097
AFL11N - https://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/125194

I will add the links here as they become available




Haha I thought it was just me checking this thread every 2 minutes for updates


As I said above, I will post them when they are available.

I think they added them 3 leagues a day last year so it will probably be over the week that we will get the full list


Nine is up now.


Just added link above. Are you adding them??


How are you lads figuring out the links?


AFL8 there now


Searching the site


Seven is up now.


And link added.