2018 Dublin GAA Fixture Plan


Cheers. Are cup competitions gone? They are not on the above excel sheet.


Looks like it, what about all the midweek games from May to July.10 league games in football and only 2 at weekend, lots of midweek travelling to look forward to !!


Hopefully the fixtures can be looked at & midweek fixtures be fixed for teams within a close enough proximity.


Anyone know when fixtures are out


Entries for 2018 are still being taken so fixtures can’t be made until they are all in. Could be a few weeks before gradings are confirmed and fixtures made etc


Thanks any developments on Davis objection


Are cups definitely being done away with?


During the summer on hurling weekends I believe


Plenty of unfulfilled fixtures so.


I think it costs clubs to enter too


Hopefully that will improve things. I can never understand teams entering the cup competitions and then either not fulfilling the fixtures or giving out about the competition even existing.


Except poor mayo haven’t won 4 of last 5 all Ireland’s.
Pope would be more akin to Na fianna SF team…both praying for divine inspiration.


Jaysus. Mind yourself. Can’t have a go at Na Fianna on here :wink:


It doesn’t cost anything. Entry is free


Any idea when proper fixture list will be sent out?


There is a new CCC this year and my understanding is that they are meeting for the first time tomorrow. Grading and entries should be discussed at that meeting and only after this is done can they look at organizing the actual fixtures.It will probably be at least another week before we start seeing actual fixtures.
2018 will also be the start of a new two year cycle for fixtures so we can’t even go by last years ones as it will be a whole new schedule.


Who clicked on “fixtures.It”?


Cheers Cotsy


Hurling league gradings


Football league gradings