2018 Dublin GAA Fixture Plan


Senior B and inter winners in hurling play off to decide who represents us in Leinster inter I’m pretty sure. Davis and Raheny this year.


Same here, 3 up/down is good but there is one issue. Only 4 places to play for may lead to a few more dead rubbers at the end of the season with just 3&4th playnig off. I would have left the p/off at 4 teams. Loads ot play for at season’s end then.


True, but having playoffs from 3rd to 6th would probably be a bit too much. Huge fan of 3 up/down…


Bit too much in terms of fixtures? two more games…or in terms of quality? I can only speak for the hyper-competitive AFL2 & 3, and I think they would benefit from keeping it interesting. Would have been Lusk this year who finished level on points with the eventual playoff winners…


Are the cups gone, or are they just not part of this process?


I would for football but not for hurling


2 More fixtures. Could add 6 weeks on to the season. Look at yourselves playing in December with 6 weeks between matches.


Fixtures… It’s a joke for some clubs waiting over 6 weeks between games


I agree was pleasantly surprised at this


The alternative was that we wouldn’t have even qualified…
I know what I’d take.

As a young team we got to achieve probably our best result of the season in the semi, which should stand to our young core no end. To know you can go to a tough away venue and pull it out of the fire the way we did is great experience.


Top 2 up 3rd and 4th in playoffs…you should read it before suggesting it’s a bit too much


He was responding to me saying I would have left it at 4 p/off teams…perhaps you should read before suggesting…:grin:


Touché :see_no_evil:…I did read it…clearly not correctly :joy::joy:


Not sure if any readers on here have any input into the rules, but if so I’d urge a change to Rule 26 (ii).

It currently states that where 3 or more teams finish level then scoring difference in games between those teams decide the standings.

This should be changed to points earned in games between all the teams level that decides it, and then as a secondary consideration, scoring difference in those games.

It really is a nonsense as currently written, that scoring difference in the mini league is more important than whether games were won or lost!


Hurling all stars in Singapore for exhibition game this weekend … went to lunch and got me pick with Liam Mc carthy … hope it not too Long before a playing dub is lifting one


You should be talking to your Club delegate!


Well… :slight_smile:


:see_no_evil: foot in mouth or in this case fingers for eyes :joy: apologies man


Has this plan and regulations been ratified?


Yes. In Football 3 up 3 down. In Hurling 1st promoted. 2nd & 3rd play off for second promotion spot only!! Last relegated. 2nd & 3rd last playoff.