2018 All Ireland SFC Final; Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday 2nd September, Croke Park, 3:30pm


I’ve been modded!
Really feel part of the family now :hugs:


Concession of goals (and more specifically late ones) are one of the few things liable to give me the heebee jeebees. Unless it’s a Mordor-style barrage, we’ve shown we can handle a couple of goals midway through games. A freak spell late in a game may just not leave enough time to recover.
As long as that unthinkable scenario doesn’t manifest itself til after the 5-i-a-r is in the bag, I think I could handle that.


upthedall? I’ll get my coat :rofl:


Anyone know where I can get the posters that the Herald ( Rag) print featuring Cluxton lifting the Sam for each of the last four years?


Feck… Just got this e-mail:

A Chara,

The 2018 Championship has come to a close and the League fixtures are being finalised for 2019.


Enjoy another year of great value with the GAA Season Ticket. The price for the 2019 Season is €120 for Adults (€200 Adult Club+) and €30 for Juveniles.

Due to huge demand, the deadline for the renewal of your season ticket(s) is MIDNIGHT ON WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 31st.

After this deadline any unrenewed Season Tickets will be released for sale.


No price increase for 2019 :slight_smile:


Have them on the wall in work over the desk …double sided so can change around …also have 13.I have also put a reserved for 2019 sign up.have done so eveey year since 2015.Drives d savages in the job nuts😀


Have posters all over the garage.

That’s where the in laws have to smoke when the weather is bad.

Rubbing it in while I can. I took enough lackery off them in the barren years.


Excellent work troops! They don’t like it up 'em Mr Mainwaring :grin:


Bar club football i’d cotton wool Cian until the summer if that’s what’s required to get him through another few seasons. The injury profile might not get much better at this stage and considering he is a key player I think his game time should be managed if required. Use the league to try out a few able suitors. We need two.

I assume there is nothing in that stuff about O’Carroll?


What was THAT STUFF?


Grasping at straws back in may , penny for his thoughts on the drive for 5 !!!


Jesus them lads down in the kingdom would want to grab themselves a big mac or something. Obsessed with hunger.


In fairness to Brian Sheehan , he likes his Big Mac’s, and he likes lots of them.


Taking of Kerry…the first league game is in Killarney at the end of Jan.

Made that journey before over a weekend and it was a camel ride.

And with Santa fleecing me over Xmas…think it’ll be sitting tight in Jan.


That’s a hoor of a journey in fairness.


Very unusual that the game is not up on you tube , there is extensive coverage of all other finals 11, onwards but virtually nothing online .I have yet to watch the whole match back !!


Tyrone seem very reluctant to have recordings of games involving Tyrone teams …


If they ever introduced VAR for county championship games, they’d be cattle trucked.


Lonnngggggist September ever…
When’s the Blue Stars?:roll_eyes: