2018 All Ireland SFC Final; Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday 2nd September, Croke Park, 3:30pm


I think a lot of the group peaked in 2015 and we had the best balance that year in terms of youth and experience

This year we have a new band of leaders led by the three nominees for footballer of the year.with some extra young lads like Howard and Con adding considerable weight , The older lads are hanging on so we are in a different sort of peak . But 2015 and 2018 are our best teams this decade imo


Agreed. Mannion having come on to his current standard, Rock having steadily improved in play, emergence of Con and Scully and Howard, CK reaching his peak now, Cossie coming into his own since injuries cleared up, and Diarmo would still be a great player if available/included. Fento consistent brilliance and now greatness, Jack, and the ongoing greatness of Jamesie and JC. COS and Philly up til this year. Emergence of Murchan.
Backs are our biggest concern now. Can Philly, Cian, Fitz and Cluxton go again? Are there any serious replacements? Comerford maybe.


Unless we find more defenders next year ( though David Byrne should be back ) I see Howard and James moving back to midfield and defence . Hopefully Costello, basquel and others develop further to provide more options up front

You can be sure Jim knows he needs another player or two as the older lads will be more periphery though always an option


Yes we urgently need to find replacements. There are so many top class teams out there …


I’m not comparing us to other teams, just trying to maintain our absolute brilliance

Lads like Cian and Philly will be 31/32 . They will still be excellent but new options always welcome. Other lads like MDMA the same. It’s about not standing still as Gavin knows


DUB09 it’s remarkable for someone to contribute so frequently to a topic yet contribute absolutely nothing.

Maybe offer an opinion instead of coming back with this incessant, inane stream of one liners, honest to God.


I have said all I have and need to say on this substantive issue Many times.


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Why is that not a good point? Seems the biggest question at the moment is, who are the best placed team to stop Dublin’s domination?.


You don’t move forward by standing still


I think them one liners are great, keep it up, although when yer havin a bit of craic here yer posts get deleted


Well the continued success has come bringing in new guys to extent that average aged lower than 7 years ago which is remarkable.

I agree he needs to look at Philly n cluxton etc replacements… we certainly do seem to give teams enough chances ( Galway n Tyrone ) to make life difficulty for ourselves someday so maybe not just a defence issue but if anything gonna chance us I think it will be some team having their shooting boots on …


I actually think we’re almost back to 2014 territory where attacking more may end up being our best approach, wouldn’t that be something else, whilst still having a much better ability to change things round if it’s going wrong. If Cian can’t stay fit who would be capable of being the sweeper, CK? Jack? Jamesy??


John Small


From what I have seen of him, I reckon Comerford is a very capable replacement for an unreplaceble Cluxton, I would be confident enough with him, he got a few games this year and it will stand to him, I am sure he will get a few more next year too.


Hopefully in the league & maybe start of championship. Thing is , Stephen could play on for a few more years yet . Hard for him to walk away from the team .


Its a risk reward thing though, if some team does shoot the lights out the game plan would have to change quickly to a more defensive set up. But purely from a statistics point of view, if a team is shooting from about 40M, they are not going to score enough to win a game.

Goals could be the undoing of us though, even in the final we only needed a swing of one goal less for us and one goal more for them and it is entirely different. But that is the same for any team and our goals against record is surprisingly good.


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