2018 All Ireland SFC Final; Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday 2nd September, Croke Park, 3:30pm


Probably good Catholic pubs with photos around them like the stations of the cross.

Under the photo you’re on about…it says ‘Were God was robbed’.

Knew you weren’t all heathens down there.


Was thinking you know you’re on the last legs of an AI Final thread…when the conversation turns to names of roads in Omagh…and the stations of the cross.

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Upthedall indeed!


So are ya going to Kavanagh’s for the league game, now that you know where Fairview and the bottom of the Malahide Rd is?


Nah…probably celebrate the win back home instead. Don’t want to be looking at your gloomy mugs that night.


Also have it signed and framed hanging in the kitchen.

I was also in 301 for the 2011 final. Same as yourself I can be picked out. As Kev Mc is about to strike the ball I am half way out of my seat about to celebrate.


I think the team would have gone again harder in 2012. Viewed it as a ramp of improvement but as you say that Donegal team were a good outfit.

I think without 11 we would have won All Irelands this decade but not to the extent we have done.

The manner of that win woke up Dublin, it bridged a generational gap, and was probably the most influential moment in Dublin GAA history since Heffo came along.


Agree with that. No guarantee we’d have won in 12. The element of surprise would’ve been gone. And assuming Kerry were still knocked out in 12 we’d have been joint favourites with Donegal.

If 11 had ended up a draw, odds would’ve been on the strong favourites to win the replay as so often happens. So getting the win on the day for me opened the gates for alot of what followed even allowing for 12. The confidence and belief to win that semifinal and final in 13 the way Gavin had them set up very much stemmed from 11, it changed everything.


If we had not won in '11, it would have played out very similar to early 90s I reckon.

As we showed then and Mayo have showed, the longer you go, it is harder to get the monkey off the back.

I think without the '11 win, we might not have come out the right side of that semi in 2013.

Then again, the 2013 side was far better than 2011 and they are an exceptional bunch of players who without question would have won 4 in a row regardless.

Forget my initial thoughts :slightly_smiling_face::rofl:


2013 would have happened anyway - the minor/under21’s coming in. However it may have saved us from the dublin money crap as the narrative would be a load of youngsters coming in a la jayo in 1995.


The players who got us over the line in the 13 semi and final were Berno, Diarmo, Maxi, O’Gara, Cluxton, MDMA, and one or two others who had all been there since 2010 or before.


Find that a team that doesn’t win all ireland often will not retain it next year due to the celebrations it brings , the hunger is not the same. (Galway in the hurling last year - donegal in 2012)
Deffo was the case with us in 2012 - we were poor all year , played 1 good game all year - a first half against Louth and the second half against Mayo.

If we didn’t win in 2011 - and it wasn’t against Kerry i don’t know if we would have the belief we now have.

2013 we got over the line after a very physical final against mayo - again never felt we were in danger of loosing it , but when we were effectively down to 13 for the last few minutes anything could happen.

2014 - we walked into a trap and were never going to do that again

2015-2018 we approach every game as if its the best team we are playing against. i think 2016 we had massive pressure on us to win back to back and it showed in the final performance in the drawn game. 2017 jack going off was a major blow - we were in disarray in midfield and did well to get in at half time a point down. 2018 we were comfortable throughout

2019 - who knows , the pressure if we get to the all Ireland final will be massive if we like it or not.


Agree with Bosco here.


Indeed. Still a much better team in 2013 than 2011


In 2015 yeh. In 13 we were better but I don’t agree much better. The style of football was much better though.


Disagree with you but that is my opinion.


I appreciate it might be the wrong thread - but I’m not sure what bar stools have to do with it.


He looks like he got hit with one


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Posts were deleted as people just speculating what happened with no facts to back it up similar to the gossip you’d find at a bar counter :wink: