2018 All Ireland SFC Final; Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday 2nd September, Croke Park, 3:30pm


On this day, 18th September in 2011, this happened …


Sit back, remember & enjoy …


“Hands up if you’ve just retired”


Thankfully you did not put this in the entirely appropriate Birthday thread …


Only saw the Birthday thread after I posted … but feel free to copy it if you wish :grinning:


Dublin Joe didn’t play any additional time for the three minutes it took Stepho to get to the kick site?


Poor Murch, even Fento is slagging him now!


I wonder if the free would have been retaken had Donaghy got his hands to that ball with his illegal jump.


That is some camera angle. Catches the moment perfectly.

I imagine that photo hangs on a few pub walls in Dublin.


It’s in Kavanagh’s anyway.


Boom boom !

Well…not my fault there’s Malahide and Malahide Rd !


I always wonder how many all Ireland’s we would have won this decade if we had lost that match by say two points.

I think we would have gone very close the next year in 2012 and probably got over the line though no guarantees against that donegal team . If we had won, Gavin would have taken it on to win a two or three more .

If we had lost again tightly in 2012, it would have been tougher I’d say we would still have managed a coupke of all Ireland’s under Gavin but more like 2 or 3 at most instead of the six we have now


Very good questions! And what if the 11 final went to a replay??


Its hangs on my kitchen wall which sometimes doubles as a pub !!!


I have it on a canvas signed by the main man with the top half a photo of the ball crossing the line for Kev Mc’s goal - if you look closely you can pick out me and the bros in 301 in the background. Magic souvenir!


There’s a Dublin Rd in Omagh :wink:


I hear the local council want to rename it Peter Robinson St and the locals are all for it … ABD … :grin:


Or maybe Iris’n’Kirk Lane!


There was a road called that you mean.

The road now has 4 names: North, East, South, West

It’s in anticipation of Dublin being split. Something the CB will raise at Congress. Just you wait.



Its like the photo where Peter C is taking a last minute free against Armagh in the ‘05 semi.

Anyone who was there knows the photo was taken just seconds before the match was won.

They have that photo in Kelly’s Inn and Quinn’s Corner.


There’s a famous last minute photo of Peter from the 1995 Final in a good few Dublin pubs … :smirk: