2018 All Ireland SFC Final; Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday 2nd September, Croke Park, 3:30pm


Rte are showing a doc on the 82 final ,not sure exactly when but it’s mentioned in their autumn preview. Prayers of the faithful it’s called.


Mc stay …Carney…Dolan…sad sad bitter twats.Scorn not their simplicity.


Incredible bias from the muldoons. Fook them, UP THE DUBS


Ahem… :wink:


If we get to the final next year, the country is going to be unbearable with content for stopping the 5 in a row.

…can’t wait :grin:


Well if we lose it might be best before the final , Kerry haven’t been let forget it.


Nah. Let’s extend this record unbeaten run of championship games!


Yeah, real Catholic like…:face_with_monocle:


Nothing worse than what goes on in d32.all in all a very safe and appealing game.



Absolutely no doubt in my mind Dublin will win again next year. And probably the year after that. The real question is will Kerry be up to speed to stop seven in a row.


Who are you and what have you done with Alan? :wink:


Kerry :laughing::laughing:…that Ship has sailed …an utter mess as we will see.HEaring that d last 5 years .They don’t have anyone that has d balls to take over
That’s why everyone thinks o connor was waiting for d minors to come of age…never happened.minor success equals fool all


I don t really think Dublin will lose but if and it’s a big if they lose in the final the outpouring of joy from the other 31 , well I think we ll should all go on holiday after ( not together now).


The litmus test will be when Cluxton goes .
The opposition will put huge pressure on Comerford .Expectation will be huge . The lad will have alot on his plate in the next few years .
We’ve managed to win a final without Bernard , Alan , Flynner & Connolly .That is some achievement in itself . Unthinkable 5 years ago.


They’re the two Protestant teams. Heathens.


You’re setting us up, so you can say “told you so” about…something. You’ve gone over to the darkside, you’re leading the Kerry charm offensive strategy for the year, it’s going to be all “Dublin deserve to be called the greatest team ever” from them for the next 10 months, we won’t know how to deal with them when they’re being super nice again after years of abusive relationship.



I admire that confidence. But arrogance? That’s what happened to Kerry in 82. And 2011.
And us in 2014.

Anyway, didn’t Mayo win in 051?


The Laochra Gael episodes on TG4 are very good. There is one on the Lowry brothers. Sean, Mick and Brendan. It’s worth a watch. Strange things happen in sport but it must be remembered that Offaly were a very good outfit. They didn’t just come out of the blue. Big underdogs? Yes. Over achievers? Yes. Stop the 5 in a row? Yes.
Tyrone is the only real danger to Dublin. Kerry, Donegal and Galway will improve but not enough.
2019 will be the defining year for this team. It would all be moot now if we had taken care of business in '14. Oh well, sin mar a ta.


We adapt each year . Can’t see Tyrone closing the gap . They threw the kitchen sink at us for the first 15 minutes & we weathered the storm . We werent even in top gear & had it not been for the peno we could have won by 10 + . Don’t want to say it but they are becoming close to unbeatable , i know , i know .Throw in a fully fit Berno & Flyner with Costello pushing for a starting spot , our forward line is simply the best in the business . Con had his second album woes & will come back stronger . Mannion has become the player we hoped he would . If Jim can convince Diarmuid to come back , i really can’t see who has a better panel out there . We lost Davy Bryne & gained a new edition in Murchen . Howard has arrived & Jack is injury free and playing the some of the best football of his career . Best midfielder in the country in Fenton . Scully , the guy who Brolly said wouldn’t make the kerry forward line chipped in some big goals . MDMA & Kevin will always be pushing to start .
Kerry are pinning their hopes on ONE player .I thought Galway might push us but they flatteted to deceive . And then…there’s Mayo . Another year on the clock , more mayhem in the camp , architects of their own demise .
Its ours to lose & nothing less .


On first look on TV it looked like a good block … think it was about the third angle which showed Tyrone player taking him out chest high … Dessie reaction was exactly like mine but the radio gang were just ridiculous…