2018 All Ireland SFC Final; Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday 2nd September, Croke Park, 3:30pm


I think the rules are currently looser in football then in hurling to be honest. There is less hands on the opponent stuff in hurling (probably because they have to hold the hurl). I know people have been saying all summer that hurling refs have been ‘letting it flow’, but I haven’t actually seen it too much myself.

In football though, nearly every coming together of players is a foul. To my mind there are only two ways of fixing that, either change the rules to allow more stuff (and that is very hard to define) or give all the fouls. But because of the inherent bias people (mainly pundits) have against the rules, evident in their unwillingness to try to understand them, the latter way would be a very hard road to travel.


Hurling can do that because players have a big stick they can swing out of reach of contact from the challenging player(s), and hit a small ball 50-90 yards. Much harder for a footballer to get rid of a big football in a crowded out situation.


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So make it a loose rule book as akin to hurling and how that is reffed.

But there is no black card in hurling .


of all people it was dessie dolan on the TV who admitted on the replay that he got it wrong and it was a penalty. pity the radio people didnt have the honesty.


Oisin McConville, in particular, went to town on Lane. If the half-time discussion on TSG can give a fair and balanced view of such a significant decision, no reason for the radio not to do likewise. The producer is the one who should be pulling up the guys on air - McConville’s contribution certainly warranted a retraction, such was the hatchet job. All the contributors had their say on how pivotal the Dub peno was on the match - correctly so. All of them chorused that the ref got it wrong - they should have been corrected on air.

Sterling work in posting the commentary @whatever it was a great way to re-live the day!


Was no surprise Flynn was most voiciferoius on it & went on to say how many big calls Dublin got in finals . The tuilip , he could have saved himself the rant if , as you say , the producers could have made him aware of the different angle of it .But sure it made good fodder for all five of the half time panel to go with that narrative .Even to go on & say this is a big problem that the gaa should look into .
Jesus wept .


Maybe someone hacked his account! :grinning:


No doubt, that’ll be his line when the Mordor hordes give him jip about it!


the replies to that tweet - FFS

its almost like they dont listen to these guys. the same when they all clamoured for tickets to the OTB roadshow.


No knee-jerk reactions, nothing to see here lads :roll_eyes:


They don’t need one, there’s no cynical fouls in hurling :wink:


Listening to the radio coverage here now.
Wow, it’s actually beyond belief the sheer level of bias surrounding the penalty. None of them even try to hide their bias. Darragh Maloney remarks that Conor Lane is speaking to McCann after the penalty, yet none of the co-commentators or any of the ‘experts’ at half time make any note of it. I thought the in game commentary of the penalty incident was bad, but the half time discussion was something else. Also, another poster commented above, on the Scully goal, the first word out of O’Hara’s mouth was whether it was a square ball, one of them even remarks how easily Con went to ground and didn’t note the two handed shove to his chest that put him there. The levels of delusion and bias :roll_eyes: :astonished:


Worst case of bias ever was McStain doing co comentery on RTÉ coverage of Leinster football final a good few years back Dublin v Kildare. Bernard Brogan tripped when going for ball. Free was called by ref and McStain actually said How can a referee give a free for that in a game of this importance? He then went on to say I can’t wait for the day Seanie Johnston kicks a winning point into the Hill v Dublin. Sadly for McStain that day never came to pass! :grinning: But honestly how can they get away with that sort of comment?


Fixed that for you there boss.

How indeed?


Was that McStay or Martin Carney?


T’was Generalissimo McStay’s dulcet tones we heard, as we gave the Lilyshytes their marching orders.


Ah Jaysus, so they were having a go at our lads sex lives n all?? :scream: How low can you go! And then this:

“Did anyone see how Mannion got laid, out there in the first half? Looked slutss.”

I mean, wtaf??! Accusing our lads of having it off on the pitch ffs!! That’s goin overboard mate!


Just had a quick read over the last posts…

So basically the consensus is that Lane had a great game, Tyrone were awful unlucky…and a mighty team to avoid next season.

On that note I think the think the mods should lock this thread up.



Spot on there Proud Dub! ahhhhhhh Nooooooo!!! :rofl: :rofl::rofl:


I knew it. Filfth in the big city.

Thankfully I live in a real catholic county.

None of your ‘overboarding’ up here.

Just your no-nonsense missionary. With the light off.