2018 All Ireland SFC Final; Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday 2nd September, Croke Park, 3:30pm


Fenton said last year that Cluxton and Cooper are the two players who set standards in training - Cooper is immense the last few years and has ruthless will to win

I know he was young but crazy really that Gilroy didn’t bring him in 2010 and 2011 , he was standout at u 21 in 2010 under Gavin .


Cooper did brilliant but what a terrible lazy tackle on him for the free but what really made that goal was the turn by Con.

I listened to the rest of the radio coverage and in fairness to Cora and O’Hara they were full of praise for this Dublin team and O’Hara said it was the best team he’s ever seen play.


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Speaking of hats, flags, and other appendiges, in the jacks in the Bridge Tavern after the final, I noticed a guy in an Offaly 1982 jersey. I asked if it was from one of the players, he didn’t answer that but said he was at that final. I felt like I’d met a celeb! :hugs:


I remember going to see the Jimmy McGee Allstars playing in Fingallians many years ago. After the game, I went up to Seamus Darby and got his autograph. He was like a celeb to me, as he stopped the Yerra’s bid for 5 in a row! :sunglasses:


A few years ago, RTE made a fabulous radio documentary on that Offaly team. (Think it’s in the Doc On One online archives, or on their app.) SD had quite a sad life subsequently.


Totally agree with this about Cooper. Even as minor captain in 2007 I remember him giving an exhibition against Laois IIRC as a spare back. Cooper was brilliant from day one and I really agree that it was mad that Gilroy didn’t see him in his top thirty footballers in the county. Especially considering who some panellists were at the time. Outstanding under 21 for three years and brilliant captain of the under 21 team that really came from nowhere to win an All Ireland.

What people also forget is that he kind of struggled in Leinster in 2013, press had him down as a weak link. Gavin knew his onions though.


My uncle worked with Liam Currams in the early 80s in the cie works in Inchicore. He remembers Liam getting the train at 5 regularly to make the Offaly training sessions . Offaly were well looked after for the time , meals , kit etc . Again I d recommend Mick foley s Kings of September about Offaly/ Kerry final of 82. I won t give away the ending…


…free briquettes, the works. :astonished:


free briquettes!! They weren’t made of money .


Free briquettes? Was that a bale out?


Free briquettes? What did they do?


Tiernan McCann threw a little dig at Mannion after running back from scoring a point. Mannion def exaggerated the contact.


Yeah … Tiernan McCann would never do anything like that …


Ah, it is now the done thing to come back out and give the guy you are marking a dig after you scored. I don’t think any of them are too hard, it is more meant as a reminder you just scored then anything, Kilkenny did it every time against Fionn Fitzgerald in some final (15 maybe, I love the way it is now possible to confuse which AI final!).

I don’t think there is moral superiority on either side here. Guys will do what they can and it is up to refs to stop it. But it is worrying when something as blatant as the Dublin penalty can be debated. It means there is a complete lack of knowledge of the rules.

The ref is generally regarded as having a good game because he ‘got the big calls right’ as they say. And he probably did. But he got a lot of small ones wrong. Philly got a mark in the second half for a ball he dropped and never remotely had control of. Kilkenny got pulled for over carrying because he hopped the ball when the ref wasn’t looking. Kevin Mc got a free in when he had hopped the ball twice. And they are the non debatable technical ones (and there are more). There was a heap of over-carrying, there was a heap of forwards being pulled back when running for a pass. There was the obvious, text book black card for Cavanagh. Murchan also should have got a black card for a hand trip.

The game operates because people turn a blind eye and ‘let the game flow’. If they decided to actually apply the rules there would be a free every two minutes. And I think that is what they need to clean it up.


So make it a loose rule book as akin to hurling and how that is reffed. I would agree but then it is confusing for players as they never know what they can and will get away with in a particular game. If rules are applied correctly then players should stick within them and the game would flow.
Its the grey areas and uncertainty of what is getting applied that frustrates fans and players alike.


Not annoyed in the slightest! :grinning:


that’s disgraceful


Just listened to radio commentary… oh thanks for posting :+1:… bias is really beyond belief and plain bad if the objective of radio is to give those unable to watch a sense of the game … watching on tv my first reaction was “ not sure “ bout peno n reply no doubt confirmed it was … Sunday game analysts had no doubt either so it was simply lying by Flynn n Saint Cora … noticed Lee stayed quite on it but to be fair he is a guy I have a lotta admiration for …

Fake news at its best


Brutal wasn’t it , even O’Hara wondering was Scully in the square for the goal .The majority of the 50/50 decisions , O’Hara &,Staunton would go for the Tyrone perspective of it . What really got me was the absolute slaughtering Lane got for the peno & his linesmen as well . Now , I’m no fan of Lane , but thought it was out of order considering it was actually clear cut on the replays .I’d like to think they didn’t see the right angle of it .
Even O’Hara claiming Sludden should have had a free kick off a challenge from Cooper and his frustration led to him body checking Fenton for the black card .
As a whole it was awful production from rte radio .