2018 All Ireland SFC Final; Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday 2nd September, Croke Park, 3:30pm


Listened to the first half this morning and couldn’t believe that Cora and O’Hara said during the game it wasn’t a penalty and then Flynn also at half time.

I can understand saying it during real time but they kept saying it after numerous views of it and from different angles


My mother is a Kerry woman and even she was telling me she couldn’t listen to ‘that Cora Staunton one’, all she kept saying at the start was “The Dubs are rattled, they’re rattled” …


Was she worried about our player’s welfare …


I know I know


Did she even feel safe in the commentary box?!


Most commentators / pundits seem to be at least hedging their bets on it, even after replays. If the dive in at Mannion with hands around him, pushing him backwards, isn’t a penalty (and it obviously is), then the footblock is. Out the field, if a player is kicking the ball, you can’t intercept the ball with your foot and block the kicking leg.

But it is symptomatic of how rules are treated. If there is debate over something as blatant as that, there is no hope.


Did anyone see how Mannion got laid out in the first half? Looked suss.


I don’t think it us a sign of how rules are treated, I simply believe these people just dont want to accept what they see, there is no way anybody could say it wasnt a peno once they had seen the replay. I dont know if these pundits are anti dub or just feel they are talking to an anti dub public, but even debating wheher it was a peno or not is down right stupid, I mean IMO Philly’s one on Cavanagh was clear and nobody argued it, yet the one on Mannion was even clearer and these fools argue it.


Tyrone’s 3rd or 4th point (trying to remember who scored it), but as he was running back out and caught up with Jamsie ahead of the kickout to follow, it looks like he gives Jamsie a full-on dig in the stomach.


At the risk of annoying our Northeren posters, Tiernan McCann after his point sprinted out after Kilkenny and boxed him straight in the guts. Eagle eyed (neutral) old timer beside me on the day saw it happen. When I watched the game back TV actually caught it, but Dessie Dolan wouldn’t be a great man for adding value like that for the viewer.


Unless it’s a Dublin player doing it :roll_eyes:


I don’t think it’s an anti-Dub thing but more an anti-best team thing where within reason anything can be explained or rationalised as part of ‘taking the game to them’. The Cats got a fair bit of it, being able to take it in your stride is a sign of greatness.

You saw it with Cluxton this year where nobody seemed to care about the tackle, as if it was expected that someone would try leave a bit on him.


:joy:, jesus Bernard Flynn is some dose . Adamant it wasn’t a penalty . Went on & on about it when it was clear as day totally disregarding McCann poleaxing Mannion . And the 5 of them at half time saying it was the wrong call too .


To tell you the truth…I’ve yet to watch the game.

And probably won’t. Seeing it once is once enough.

So lots of comments on the refs performance / player incidents, could well be spot on.

I could analyse that game till the cows came home…but it’ll just re-affirm how much better Dublin were. IMO Dublin had an extra gear in them and knew they’d won long before the ref blew.


It was Tiernan McCann, and after he scored the 3rd point he pushes one player, runs to Paul Manion and punches him in the stomach.


It was Kilkenny he punched. Hampsey was the player who “collided” with Mannion

Edit: it was tragic in fairness. Kilkenny barely flinched. It wasn’t like he brushed his hair or anything serious like that


Currently watching it back here. Johnny Cooper was superb for the second goal. Won a free when surrounded by 3 players and refused to allow them to slow him taking the quick free to Scully. Pushed them out of the way and sent us on our way to goal


Unbelievable the man is


The one good thing Lane did all day in allowing him to play on.


Cooper is a legend. Never gets the credit he deserves but I would say one of the team leaders and key member of the team.