2018 All Ireland SFC Final; Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday 2nd September, Croke Park, 3:30pm


was the MD’s name willie frazer, the orange C U Next Tuesday


Different to the one on Channel 4 but I will give it a watch. Meanwhile our national broadcaster shys away from discussing mass murder inflicted by the brits on Irish soil


Years ago I read an article about the GAA being an outlet for renewed confidence with nationalism.

Up until the GF agreement…Gaelic games were seen as seditious. The DUP branded the gaa as the political wing of the IRA.

But after the GF agreement…you had a bunch of Armagh and Tyrone kids thinking it normal to wear gaa jerseys. AI champions and sure a lot the players were smart and well educated.

You walk around Queens university now…or the holy lands…and you’ll see most students in gaa tops.

Probably strange for people not in the six counties…but wasn’t that long ago that Gaelic games here were treated with disdain. And some of the resentment still exists.


I remember it well, look back at the harassment young Aidan McAnespie got before the cowards eventually Murdered him, Bastards


The gaa were demonised by many unionist politicians up here.

Scandalous when you look back.

That atmosphere led to the burning of gaa clubs, lack of funding and of course the murder of A McAnespie.


And of course the odd british army helicopter landin on pitches all over the 6 counties as lad’s were just about to enjoy a game of their national sport


As a kid I genuinely remember being conscious of having a hurl coming home from school if I passed a police / army patrol.

Can’t remember if I was ever stopped - but it was the climate that somehow Gaelic games meant you were a hostile.

Incredible the DUP were allowed to get away with some of the comments they made about the Gaa back then.


Yeah , and some of them are still at it. sectarian biggots


Very good. Thanks for putting it up.


There was a great documentary on Cross a few years ago. Oisín McC was interviewed pitch side, along with one of the British Army helicopter pilots who regularly went on sorties during matches. (He came back after his tour of duty & married a local girl as it happens.)

Producers probably thought it was a great idea in a “look how far we’ve come” kind of a way. It was to a degree, but Jesus, you could just feel the tension emanating from Oisín. Great, great doc.


Funny that for years Unionists, the SDLP, FF and their Government partners FG as well as a host of their media lackies in the gated community that is RTE slated the GAA for not having Crown Forces as members and now that the rule has changed the flood of applications has failed to materialise.


Yeah, I did see it awhile back, too many politicans and the public turned a blind eye to what was goin on. Shockin really


Listening to the brilliant Darragh Moloney’s commentary, still the best in the game so thank you @whatever

1 comment. The absolute bias of the co commentators is shocking. Their comments on Lane’s awarding of the penalty. Is just bananas. Even with the hindsight of replays, not one of them called it! The only one to talk about Harte’s punch on Smally was Moloney, none of the others did! RTÉ need to look at bringing one from each county in future I’d feel. I was laughing at their comments about Lane bringing the Dubs back into the game and Flynn saying referees are doing it every game!!! You can smell the lemons!


In fairness to Flynn, he did tweet this:

He still makes my ears bleed tho.


Met him on Saturday at over 40’s tournament. Only man there that had a tan.


Rule 27/The Ban is a genuinely complex issue. The lack of people rushing to join is inextricably linked to the end of the Troubles in my view. The GAA was always nationalist but did not promote armed struggle. I’d day most members just love playing, watching and organising gaelic games, with an additional fondness for other aspects of irish culture. All the same, I’d say there were people who were members of both the IRA and the local GAA club. So the intelligence services would have been dying to infiltrate the GAA (running the risk of getting their faces broken, especially at hurling, because they hadn’t grown up with the various self-defence techniques required to avoid leaving the field on a stretcher).
If Crown Forces had been let in during the Troubles, a soldier or cop would have found it next to impossible to hide the fact. The dirty hits on the field would have been nothing compared to the hits off the pitch, possibly even by teammates who were in the IRA, at the very least by IRA members tipped off by teammates. So now all’s well that ends well. Crown forces who want to play may, and there is only a minimum of bloodshed and distrust (although I’d say the few who do play come in for the odd bit of special treatment on the pitch or from the spectators)


Ah the oul sunbeds, a bar of choclate that lad, loves himself. met him the day before the 16 final and was convinced mayo were goin to win, and wanted them to. But that was before the double , and then came the treble, and then the quadruple. I’d say little brown Bernie is fairly sick thinkin about next year.
I have to laugh when I hear them whinging about the population in Dublin, I was drivin around town the wk end and when ye look at it, it was nearly spot the Dub. There was more Asians, Chinese , Japanese, nigerians than Dubs, that’s even before ye mention the culchies, up here taken our jobs and our women and our GAA clubs. Jaysus they love us for that, ye wont hear them whinging about that. God love them


Chinese and Japanese are Asian , you know that right!


and some of them are Dubs too!


Wow some stuff here that you’d never have thought … :smirk: