2018 All Ireland SFC Final; Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday 2nd September, Croke Park, 3:30pm


I read that.

SC recently went out on his own …so I’d say a fair few of his clients kick with the other foot…if you know what I mean.

He was clearly trying to avoid anything political…Irish / British thing.

As I’ve learnt up here…politics and work don’t work.


Is his PR consultant the same on the Rory McIlroy uses? :wink:


True story.

Back in ‘05…I worked for a big company and one of the fellas had Tyrone flags on his car.

He got a call from HR to remove it.

Yet the MD had no problems advertising that he was an orange man. Im guessing it was him who instructed HR.


Good Call from HR




I’d say a Dub made that call.


Yep, the brother in law was made remove his Tyrone hoodie this year. But wasn’t listened too when he said that lots of people wear poppies in his job, which is way more a political statement.

But at least he kicked up a fuss, he didn’t say he was only ‘probably’ Irish.

You wouldn’t catch any of the Coalisland lads coming out with that!


Say no more … :wink:

Which bank was it?


I had a mate in Scotland who was told to remove his Celtic top in the workplace despite the large number of Scottish and Ran*ers tops. He replaced it with a lovely Offaly top. :joy:


A few years ago an old boss of mine called one of the girls into his office and asked her to remove her top.

You could get away with that kind of thing in those days.


Yeah i remember me and my old boss used to talk sport and polcitics…and he’d ask why it was the DUP’ers in the office were very public on their politics whereas we were almost apologetic.

Depends on the workplace of course. That was a particularly organe place I was at…before it was bought by the yanks.


Political correctness gone mad…



No getting away from the fcukers, is there?


I just watched the Ballymurphy Massacre on 4OD last night. I would advise everyone to watch, a disgrace what happened.

I am not sure I could be so diplomatic as Seán around his Irishness!


Agree completely with WiFi, donaghy far ahead of Liston . But different times, if he was around today with the training blah blah think Liston probably had more football .


It’s 2% not 10%


RTE Radio 1 - All Ireland Final 2018


National Anthem 21 mins 06 secs
First Half Start 22 mins 59 secs
Half Time Analysis 1 hr 09 mins 32 secs
Second Half Start 1 hr 23 mins 45 secs
Full Time 2 hr 09 mins 11 secs
Cluxton Speech 2 hr 17 mins 33 secs


Great stuff @whatever :clap::clap::clap:


Watched it on Sunday night. Friend of my Dad’s suffered from internment back in early 70’s in Belfast. This program brought back to some of the stories he told us, but, as he always stated, it was part of the norm, while the rest of the world looked on…