2018 All Ireland SFC Final; Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday 2nd September, Croke Park, 3:30pm


For me the answer is pretty simple. Scrap the O’byrne cup (and their equivalent in other provinces) and also scrap the inter county league competitions.

The county season will run from June to August every year and outside of these times, players are with their clubs or resting. Players can only be on one panel e.g. if a 20 year old is on the senior panel, they can not be on the U20/21 panel. Same goes for 17/18 year olds playing U20/21.
Run the club leagues off in Mar & Apr, club championship in May and Sept, and club league in June, July, August. Players are selected for county panels based on their club form. They then go to their inter county “camp” (similar to soccer and rugby) for the first two weeks in June, with the intercountry championship starting mid June and running in a champions league format over the Summer. Colleges can play their games in Jan/Feb as is.

It would solve a number of problems in one go including the fixture mess, it would address player burnout, it would give clubs more access to their players, it would reduce the training to match ratio and most importantly it would give club players a set fixtures list at the start of every year that could be adhered to.


Just watching Dubs v Kerry 1985 final on eir Sports. Not fair to compare different eras but present Dublin team would beat the pick of the 2 teams by at least 8 points! The game has moved on so much in 30+ years. Loads of aimless kicking, poor shooting and so slow. Btw one thing that hasn’t changed is the Dubs being ridden by refs. Meath ref Kavanagh gave the lads absolutely nothing.


That’s a complex discussion. Liston was also clearly a skillful player. The fact that he used his height and bulk to great effect should hardly be against him, same with Donaghy in this era. Con is clearly more of an all-round talented footballer but he also has to do it another few years, and produce one or two devastating All Ireland final performances to prove himself in the All-time great category, that’s a fact to me, regardless of ability.


Still think that sort of argument is irrelevant. Teams play within the best tactical and footballing cultural context of their time. Differences like tactics and conditioning etc between eras have to be left out in making comparison.



“As they bark and whine, imagining Dublin as some Bond-villain, the more extreme killjoys begin to seem as unhinged as Trump, clad only in MAGA boxer-shorts, watching Fox News while Tweeting about his enemies in CAPITALS.”


Is it just me or does Hanahoe have different coloured shorts?


Tony Hanahoe always played in a pair of faded shorts. Maybe they were his " lucky" pants and had faded from many many washes.


I had a pair of them in green (Ballymun) and they faded too. They were more like a rumpy short and they had a draw string. Wore them for years. They had a built in ball bag to keep your bits in order.
Very comfortable.


I was speaking to a colleague from Donegal about the Dublin GAA set-up and he was asking about how difficult it was for kids to get into the Dublin development squads and said “It must be a big test” So I told him there was a test and sent him this… :rofl:


But all stars are based on this season and this season he doesn’t deserve one. Previous years are not in question but 1.5 games missing due to injury and 2 mistakes leading to goals he shouldn’t get one … which means he probably will


missing 1.5 games through injury when playing in Leinster doesn’t come into it . All stars are rarely given for provincial games - its from the 1/4’s/Super 8’s on.

two mistakes, you learn from them and he didn’t venture too far out against Tyrone when the long balls come in,
Clarke picked up an all star in 2016 and he was dropped for the final replay. He picked it up last year when kicking out over the sideline when he had two players free over by the hogan stand. Cluxton kicked 2 kick-outs that Dublin didn’t win , one being Smalls fault , so 1 kick out out of 30


How many all stars did Kerry fellas win while playing 3 games a year?


Beggan had one rush of blood and should have carried the ball into contact to work a free or score but was outstanding for the rest of the year with kickouts and frees as well as his bread and butter goalkeeping in a province that is competitive. I am just been impartial. Cluxton was outstanding in the final but for me you need more than that to claim an all star. Otherwise just leave it as MOTM for the final


If its the last 3 games of the year its the ones you want to be playing in.

Pre qualifiers , you could nearly expect 6 for the winners , 4 for the runners up, 2 each for the beaten semi finalists , and 1 all star for a smaller county.

It hasn’t changed that much since


To be fair , Beggan made waves and was outstanding - bullet kick outs and knocking over points. When the pressure came on then the kick outs weren’t finding their men and the frees were getting missed. The attempt for a point in the semi final was the final nail in his all star coffin IMO


Agree with this point.

A goalkeeper is a very difficult position, Cluxo seems to improve everytime he makes a mistake when it is so easy to just fall apart.

The 5 minute blip against Kerry, he didn’t put a foot wrong after that, being the biggest example


My opinion would be that a goal keeping All Star should be given on goalkeeping ability, which is shot stopping, getting under a high ball and being accurate from kick outs, coming off your line and running 50 metres up the pitch is not part of the job, I haven’t seen that much of Beggan to say if he did his goalkeeping shores as well as Clucko, but he deffo abandoned them in the semi final and on top of that he made a balls of it, One think is coming up the field to take a free another is to come up with the ball and make the worst decision of all the possible options


Goal keeping mistakes seem to be rewarded these days…


Remember lads, Martin Breheny is one of the all star committee voters - that old codger had David Clarke as his number three players of the year last year. The rest of the committee are mostly journalists who Cluxton never engages with

To be fair, The Sunday game panelists were way more in the knowledge and they pick Cluxton always