2018 All Ireland SFC Final; Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday 2nd September, Croke Park, 3:30pm


Murchan is there twice …


Worth at least two players.


I couldn’t imagine Liston any more effective than Michael Murphy. Both great players but limited in the sense of how the game is currently played.

Comparisons are futile between generations but I think the current Dublin team would wipe the floor with those great Dublin and Kerry sides.

Catch and kick is exciting but give the current Dublin team that much possession and your goose is cooked. The modern way tends to be more effective, the only way to have any sort of a comparison is how those 70’s teams would get on with top fitness and skills training.

Different argument then but it’s a no contest for a direct comparison imo.


Well, isn’t the argument that it is unfair on the 90% to have to stall a club championship for the 10% to finish intercounty? At least by excluding them It is equal for all clubs? All the players are of top club standard, not of intercounty?

I can understand that any one club may say hold on, we have X amount of intercounty players that will adversely affect us against a team who have less, but surely that is unfair on the team who have less?


It’s a nonsensical argument that betrays the soul of the GAA. Club should come first. Every time.


Ah right so. I am more interested in finding a solution that prevents 30 players stopping hundreds of players getting summer game time. That is happening in both codes nationwide. We have two championships, club and inter-county. You can’t run both at the same time in the modern day.

I agree with your sentiment Alan, but this isn’t an ideological exercise, it’s what is practical.

I don’t mind being nieve or wrong in this, but apart from the “soul” argument, hit me with alternatives that will work.


I was talking from a club perspective as opposed to the individual players


I once saw a stat on World Cup soccer.

Players now run on average twice as far per game as they did in the 70s.

If you look at the Brazil goals from the 70s…or even the great Brazil side of ‘82…the amount of time they had on the ball is crazy.

Point is that it’s just not athleticism that separates Kerry greats and this Dublin side…but also the speed of thought and movement that’s increased as well.


The solution the gaa is trying is supposed to be best of both worlds.

From the clubs pov I can’t say, maybe only start the inter county after clubs are done, so have April/may/June for club championship then straight knock out intercounty like old days from July onwards?

The backdoor and super eights have swamped any spare weeks that Alan talks of during the summer.

Then you have senior clubs looking for postponements because they have under 21s or hurling clubs because they have dual players and vice versa.

The only way is is disentangle club and county totally in terms of time.

If you merge the intercounty championship and league you can find the space.


Will never happen … TV … €€€


You can run them together if we stop the nonsensical training to games ratio of inter county players and take back control of things from the inter county manager. No reason at all players cannot be with county this week and club next week on a rotating basis. Time to remember we are an amateur association.




No room for Inter county players that are dual club players though.


A minority of a minority. Ways can be found if the will is there. It’s not. So it doesn’t matter. We’re left with the current pig in a poke which will eventually see clubs lose their players until August every year soon enough.


When was the last time it was any different ?

It’s not the Senior Intercounty that’s the problem IMO it’s the like of the 20/21’s which kills club teams. Lads gone for months for possibly one game and missing out on league games with their clubs for challenge games, at least the Seniors are playing competitive games all the time.


Fully agree on that. No league to be training for but kept away from their clubs for the first few months of the season


It’s all part of the one shit storm. That’s easily fixed. You’re on one inter county panel only. And no inter county panellist can play colleges. All inter county games on inter county weekends. Your club team and one other representative team is all you are allowed play with.


I agree with that 100%, being honest I don’t really see why there is under 20/21 or minor or under 17 at inter county level, but if there has to be it should be as you say on one panel and that is is, is that not the way it now with the U20s.
This may not be popular, but I think there should be no dual players at inter county level. when you get to inter county you are at the top of your sport, football and hurling are two different sports and both need training time etc, very few if any top sports people play at the top level in two different sports, what I really mean is that lads cannot expect to be able to play two sports at top level and be accommodated by both, regardless of if they are capable of being able to perform or not, but it is bad enough trying to work out fixtures without have to take dual players into account.


Nobody mentioned dual county players, I was on about a county player that plays dual for his club only and not an Inter county dual.


For the second Murchan, I meant O Callaghan, I think they are the four from that team.