2018 All Ireland SFC Final; Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday 2nd September, Croke Park, 3:30pm


4-3 at half time, 10-5 at finish. Magerafelt one point from play. Grim.


Afaik it was the last 5 mins of the 1st half.


Which is worse. Week with the club, week with the county from the start of April to the end of September. Was done in the past. Only one reason it’s not being done now.


At least Donegal had some excuse against Dublin…they knew they’d live to fight another day and maybe wanted to avoid a hammering.

But that M’felt out.

A few years ago in the Donegal c’ship it ended Glenswilly 0-3 St Eunan’s 0-2.


…and that was aet! :astonished:


And a replay. :wink:


maybe im wrong but i dont see it being worse. the days are over when the club championship would be finished in july. if it is the non avaqilability of county plaeyers causing logjams because clubs excpet to field their strongest teams then make it equal to everyone and exclude them till the intercounty is over. i would have thought that logical and fair.


not sure how excluding intercounty players makes it fair to everyone?


In Liston’s case he was probably 30% behind the other players in terms of fitness and agility. That is something you can extrapolate to todays game. If a guy isn’t able to look after himself well enough to be even a match for fitness back then, he would be further behind today.

I can well understand how a very fit guy back then won’t be as fit as a fit guy now. But in that case it is ok to make allowances for the increased knowledge that occurred in S&C since and say that both are relatively equal as they were being the best they could be. But a guy who was behind then, and built his game on horsing people out of the way and the dubious interpretation of rules, to my mind isn’t as good a player as say Con O Callaghan now.


Not the first cousin of fair.

Those days are over because we allowed inter county managers run the show.

If the will was there we could have week on/week off from April to October. But the will isn’t there. Clubs are an inconvenient sideshow now. Money is all.


Is Jimmy Mc the manager of Magherafelt? :thinking::wink:


On the video you can hear one of the fans ask if Mickey Harte is about…the cheeky git.

Their south Derry accent would cut through steel.


MH has won 3 AI titles…Jimmy Mc lives off beating Dublin in 14 forgetting he lost the AI final…i know who I’d rather as a manager every day of the week


Only one accent up there


2014 seems a life time ago.

I can imagine Dublin being beat in a one-off due to an off day etc.

But can’t imagine Jim G being sucker-punched again.

As for Jim McG…I’m not sure there’s the same appetite for fans for defensive football. Even here the tide has changed. Not only can it be hard to watch…but it’s largely ineffective.


You’d think that…the south Derry twang is far harder than say Derry city.

Same as a strong east vs West Tyrone twang. Omagh sounds softer than Ardboe. They don’t have curtains in Ardboe…they have cortins.


You’re right…! What was their mgt team thinking?


10 words that sound better in Donegal…


Just an interesting thing on the difference between minor and u21 being a gauge for senior level. Of the starting team we had last Sunday, everybody from numbers 4 to 15 have an all Ireland u21 medal. Of those 12 players only one has an all Ireland minor medal, and a handful never made it out of Leinster. I imagine we’ll end up with more seniors of out 10, 12, 14, and 17 winning u21 teams than Kerry will of their 5 in a row minor teams


I remember after the ‘14 minor defeat to Donegal there was a big discussion here about all that is wrong with underage football in Dublin. Four of those lads now have senior All Ireland medals and none of the lads from the other semi finalists that year have one.

(Am I right about four? Basquel, Murchan, Howard and Murchan. Was Comerford on that panel?)