2018 All Ireland SFC Final; Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday 2nd September, Croke Park, 3:30pm


See what you mean!

A man from Buncrana joins with Trump supporters in calling Obama as ‘Barack Hussein’ !!

He must miss the irony that’s he’s an Irish immigrant…just like the ones they’re trying to build a wall against.

They should build a wall in Buncrana to stop that fruit cake from coming home.



And if I could I’d build a wall around old Donegal
The north and south to keep them out, my god I’d build it tall
Casinoes, chicken ranches, I’d legalize them all
We’d have our own Las Vegas in the hills of Donegal


You just wonder how people from here can go to the states and turn into Trump supporters overnight.

He’s giving off about Kaepernick not standing for US anthem, at Nike for sponsoring him, and anti Obama.

Takes all sorts as the man says…


In the same way that some Black South Africans joined the police and beat and killed their own people. THAT sort of scum.


Was in Trillick during the week

For a small parish with one-street…they’ve 4 players on the Tyrone team…the Donnellys and Brennan’s.

I was saying that a local - but he was giving off that it’s hurting the local club St Macartans.

Funny how some fans have little or no time for the county. And yet Trillick is no distance from Garvaghey.


There’s a guy here like that.


Think I know why you mean !

I mean I get why a local Macartan’s man may feel the club lose out…but the players want to play for the county and the whole village is full of red and white flags and bunting. Even a car painted red and white.

And football gives the whole county a lift

Edit. I do think the sacrafises required are crazy…4 nights a week or whatever…but it’s what drives some players on. They get a buzz from it.


It doesn’t. It puts their psychological wellbeing at risk, according to some here.:roll_eyes:


The problem is that the clubs have more than lost out. They have been basically shut down for the best part of the year. Fell into an RTE conversation on the radio today to hear an inter county player, not sure who, say that the ideal now would be for him to have nothing to do with his club from January to August. Which is where we’re headed. Indeed we’re most of the way there. Great for him and the 5% of senior players who are on county panels. The rest apparently can have the muck and shite of October and November to finish their competitions.

Put a gun to my head and it’s club over county every time. And I feel absolutely no desire to apologize for that. An awful lot of people have forgotten where these inter county players come from. Including more than a few of the players themselves.


I completely understand that argument.

If you’re born and bred Trillck…your priority is to your local team.

But IC has become almost professional. 4 nights a week isn’t unheard off.

Sean C said he only really enjoyed club football when he retired from Tyrone.

Really don’t know what the answer is. They’re conflicting demands at times, but it’s players who opt for the county.


Ah leave Diarmuid alone.


Personally think there should be a split season between club and county football so no clashes. The county should be geared more to around end of may to August to facilitate players who either don’t make county or opt out of it to utilise J1’s, holidays etc. Doesn’t impact on students or personnel holding down jobs as much and clubs developing players will not lose them.


Derry players have been accused of clearing off to the states in Summer after they exit Ulster.

Sounds defeatist…but if you know you going to get a tanking later in say August…you can see why it’s tempting to head off to Boston or NY while you’re still young.


Check out the putrid shite in Derry SFC today. How anyone could pay to watch that is beyond me.




No, he wasn’t saying the rest could endure the shite and muck he was saying that if you cut the county players out there can be no excuse to not run the club championship throughout the summer.


Thats it


Yeah. I fell asleep half way through. You? :roll_eyes:


All Dublin’s fault, we started it against Donegal.


Hard to know the context…whether it’s the last few minutes and Slaughtneil are playing keep ball.

In which case it’s up to their opponents (Magherafelt I think) to do something about it.

But crap to watch.