2018 All Ireland SFC Final; Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday 2nd September, Croke Park, 3:30pm


Read an interview with Giuseppe Bergomi who won a World Cup with Italy in 82 aged 18 and was their captain in 1990 . Reckoned his era they were footballers first . Today they are athletes who are conditioned to be footballers in his opinion. Could possibly apply that opinion to other codes. All shapes and sizes played in bygone eras. You still get small fellas like Eoin Murchan breaking through in gaa but in general across the codes you certainly need to be athletic to get to the top level.


I would agree with this. Especially in hurling. Rugby too by the look of it.


Not sure how many records the team are setting.
But 6 all irelands in a decade must be a record


I think Beggan might get it myself, as TOS said on the SG, Cluxton gets held to a higher standard than anyone else simply because he is so good. It’s not an excuse, but it is a fact. The only thing in Cluxtons favour this year is that they are highly unlikely to give Monaghan 3 all stars. McManus will get one in the full forward line,and if O’Connell gets one at wing back it will go against Beggan. That said Cluxton was imperious last year and if he didn’t get that one he might never win one again, although that may not cost him too many sleepless nights either so we won’t worry too much about it.


Yep no other county has ever done it in football anyway.


The second of those misplaced ones, I would actually blame Small for not making the move into that space.
The other one was actually a decent ball to Murchan, maybe a little high.


Beggan cost his county in three games in the championship this year. Cluxton got some stick for coming for a ball he shouldn’t have against Galway. Beggan done the same against Fermanagh and it was the losing of that game. When the game was in the melting pot against Kerry his accuracy from frees and kickouts deserted him. And then the game against Tyrone he blew his sides last chance of salvaging a draw by trying to be the hero.

I like Beggan and i think hes very good. Hes just not nearly as good as Cluxton and he wasn’t as good as Cluxton this year either.



Nice tweet by the Donegal club manager in Boston re Connolly. Then I accidentally clicked on the tweet and wandered into his twitter account and found out he is a grade A arsehole.


It wouldn’t bother me if Beggan got the Al Star. He had a very good year and was probably nailed on before his last minute pot shot against Tyrone & Cluxton’s AI performance. It’s different from last year were Clarke had some very poor performances, was behind Cluxton on every relevant goalkeeping stat & measure and imo shouldn’t have been close to being in the running.


Christ, he is a moran.


Completely agree. Thats why we must do 5, 6 in a row


I wouldn’t be bent out of shape if Beggan won it, he’s a class keeper and had a great season. The real disgrace was Clarke winning it last year. That was unforgivable.




Definitely Small could have gpt that, he just turned the wrong way first and couldn’t correct himself in time. It was a good kick.

The second one was high enough risk, but.a taller player could have got it.

But god be with the times a keeper would just lump the ball out and have no responsibility for what happened, now he is responsible even if the outfield player messes up.

Likewise with Morgan. I maintain he only had one bad kick, the rest of the ones they lost were at best 50/50 and some favored the Tyrone guy. There was no ‘melt down’ as the media would have us believe.


Funny when you watch those old games and see the keeper simply hoof the ball as far away from his goal as possible.

In terms of Tyrone…I’d say Micky O’Neill is probably a better shot-stopper…but Morgan is preferred because he’s more accurate.

Niall also plays MF for his club - as you say their role has developed beyond saving and clearing.


I can never understand why people always assume these comparisons are to do with putting players of one era into the game of another era. It absolutely is never that as its patently impossible.

The point being made for what it’s worth is take a hypothetical situation where either the players of the two eras have the same fitness and conditiong etc(as this is clearly a given optimal for the greatest teams of any era) or you just look at how great are each player in their own era in terms of all the skills and requirements of the game and challenges that they faced. In that context relative quality of opposition in each given era then becomes a factor.

Of course such comparisons are still very arbitrary but on a point of argument that is and will be central to the begrudgers of this Dublin era, do we say Kerry were better because they won their finals more easily or that Dublin were better (or somehow about equal) because they had to beat harder opposition, and with tactics a much bigger factor?

I don’t put alot of store in numbers of games played etc as you play the hand dealt within the structures and rules of the time in any given era. Teams are prepared and conditioned to do so, and it’s the same for all teams relatively at the top level according to the era in which they operate.

At the end of the day we have the most dominant team ever because of their league record as well but we won’t get the credit because of all the constant shite about resources etc. But what is going to really become a point of much heated debate is the fact that the bitters will never give our individual greats the credit they deserve in terms of ‘skill and ability’ compared to the Golden Keepers of the Holy Flame of football and Gaelic Sport.


Nah, that’s what they want us to think, we’re playing their game then, the bar always just a bit higher. We know what our lads have achieved and that’s all that really matters


For me it’s impossible to compare players from different eras.

Kerry players were the best of their generation and Dublin players the best of theirs.

The game has moved on since then.

Saying Kerry were more naturally gifted etc…probably stems from a nostalgia, desire to be seen as the best…or even a begrudgery of how good Dublin are.

I suppose it’s a nice problem to have…


Tosser. No stone left unturned to win the championship. Connolly turned all the stones for him!


Spot on.