2018 All Ireland Ladies Senior Football Final : Dublin vs Cork


Did you really expect anything different ?


Any reason why the game couldn’t be 70 minutes rather than 60? I’m no expert but the conditioning of the Dublin team would indicate it wouldn’t be a problem.

And if we could take the timekeeping out of the hands of the ref in the men’s game. It was enjoyable to watch the end of a game where everyone knew exactly where they stood regarding the playing time left.


Its novel alright , when its over , ITS over !


I don’t there should be any doubt but both the ladies and the masters team have to be split in 7.


It’s ok - don’t need a bio on him. :wink: I know the lad, what he worked at while in Dublin :zipper_mouth_face: , and his uncle who is a multiple all Ireland senior (mens) final ref!!!

Nice lad too!


Great to see over 50k at it, but in fairness people comparing it to the mens semi is a bit of an exaggeration, going by the TV pics the place was full of kids, loads of clubs etc… Id say there were a lot of tickets given out, in my opinion it is the way to go, games like today will surely convince a few of those kids to join there local club. There should be more promotion for the mens league games.


About 49,000 of the 50k i would say ,my ears are still bleeding from the noise of them.haha


I stand to be corrected. I am more looking for confirmation than adding commentary.

My understanding is that ladies football has a much more stringent rule regarding contact in the tackle?

The Junior and Inter finals, the refs were giving yellows for contact anywhere but the ball in the tackle but was none of that in Senior.

Allowed for a much better game in senior with sone excellent and aggressive tackling


I thought it was a great game , really fast, edge of the seat stuff. The skills standard has improved dramatically . There were indeed many thousands of little girls there but that can only be a good thing. They are getting to see our fabulous Dublin women in full flight , showcasing their skills and providing healthy role models for girls , hopefully it will show in higher participation rates for teenage girls in the future.Fair play to LIDL for getting on board with the sponsorship and TG4 for consistently supporting the Ladies game.


Meath dislike Cork, historically.


Women’s final far better as sporting contest than 90% of men’s games this summer.
Really enjoyable stuff.
While it’s competitive, isn’t riddled with negativity or cynicism.


That Noelle Healy chance after the superb team build up… would have been goal of the year across men and ladies… in fact, best in a number of years


Great game…happened to head to ticket office …got row z upper davin and laughed at at the young lad.MIssus was with me so said nought .upper hogan was policed off both @seats and on the concourse for a quick exit to Jones rd…Noonan security had his troops with d barriers up …ALso no bar in upper davin open…had to go to cusack that was wedged.STeward said they hadn’t expected the crowd hense facilities not open .Ladies toilets a disaster as all on d davin had to go one way .FIrst world problems I know but croker… please make a better effort.


Healy is some athlete.


31 against 1, it was ever thus.


Didn’t have her best game today but I think Lauren Magee looks to be the most natural footballer on the team. Great vision and engine too


Yep Laurens only 21 …is that correct?
Really thought she was immense especially tackling today…what was amazing today was the ages of some players…across the 3 matches.


Not afraid to throw herself into tackles.


Not much in the way of really good point-taking though?


no disrespect but you don’t watch much ladies football if you think Lauren Magee is the most natural footballer on the team . Not in the top five. She brings a huge amount to the game.
Good game to watch today very intriguing to see how both teams set up .
Thought the ref had a good game he let it flow where as others would have been whistle happy . Both teams knew where they stood with him . His only question to answer is what he was doing for corks goal. Hand was up for advantage before cork got the ball.