2018 All Ireland Ladies Senior Football Final : Dublin vs Cork


good to see the dubs gracious in victory once again. …even lads on here on about the ref…dublin got some soft ones too.


He’s actually a Monaghan ref who lived and worked in Dublin for a number of years. While here he refereed men’s games and reffed a Dublin Senior Football Championship final a few years ago. He married a Mayo woman and moved down there to live.


Sure was always going to be the case when we’d one of our own reffing it.

Well done ladies great achievement to do back to back


Fair play to ladies on the win.
Standard really has improved hugely in last few years and player skills really v good.
Tremendous tackling and little or no aimless kicking. Dublin has several great performances as mentioned above but no.12 for cork top notch footballer.

Any ideas on attendance? More than 2017.
Growing year on year given the sporting standard on offer. (Though maybe helped as most seem to pick it as their one game per year as it doesn’t clash with club fixtures)


Was over 50k in attendance.


Tongue in cheek lad , ephie wasnt exactly gracious either a couple of years ago . Short memory & all that !

“He can say what he likes, to be honest about it. Gregory is very quick to talk. But as far as I’m concerned we’re All-Ireland champions and that’s that,” Cork manager Ephie Fitzgerald told Neil Prendeville in an interview on Cork’s RedFM.”


Brilliant stuff Jackies! Back to back and great attendance as well. Corks depressing dominance of the game over for now at least but we’ll never hear anything bad about them. All we need to do now is win the hurling and camógie to generate the apoplectic meltdown of all meltdowns. :grin:


Artists Impression of said meltdown:


Really enjoyed that, great game. Delighted for Carla Rowe, took her goals well. thought Lauren Magee & Sinéad Goldrick put in some shift. As someone said above Lyndsey Davey is a smashing footballer. Sinéad ahearne class as usual.




It that the text number for POTY?




Really good performance by ladies today. Skill level all over has improved greatly and was a joy to watch. Tough tackling bu those Dublin girls especially in the backs.
Goldrick is brilliant, Carey was very good, Magee very good, Davey brilliant some work rate and selfless,Aherne is a gifted footballer.


Clear bias in what follows but I thought Lyndsey Davey was superb today. Drove at Cork, brilliant carrier of the ball, turned them over, created two goals, brilliant block down on her own 21 down the home straight two. Player of the game imo.

Delighted for the team, not everyside gets to lay the bad days to rest and I’m sure this will be very sweet. Classy point by Aherne at the end. Goldrick is superb also.


Special mention for Niamh Collins’ goal line clearance which was a huge play as Cork would have went ahead with a goal then.


Big shoutout to the meath girls beside me cheering for cork in croker


Question: given the back to back wins (and in fairness the excellent team and player performances in what seems very organized panel set up ) if Mick Bohan was to
look to switch to men’s game, what level would he be coming in at?


I’d say he seems himself as a successor to JG …


I think he’s been rated well in previous coaching positions elsewhere…Clare maybe?
While JG may be next Cody in endurance, are there any obvious candidates out there to replace JG? (Btw point of question was not in relation to JG, more a case of testing water as to where ladies success is rated relative to men’s game)


I think that there is one thing that deffo seems in common and that is workrate, both men and ladies seem to be able to put in some amount of work. I was worried we might fade in the last few mins given the running they had done, but they seemed to get even stronger, which probably meant Cork were getting tired.