2018 All Ireland Ladies Senior Football Final : Dublin vs Cork


Fucking ref


She certainly is although I am unashamedly biased


Good patience shown for Goldie’s point. Some ghosts being buried here today!


Did Cork 13 just kick Leah Caffrey?


Brilliant :grin:


How ya like them apples Ephie


Better looking team won​:wink::wink:


Well done Ladies :clap::clap::clap::clap:

Suppose the Brazil Bollox will have a moan about this as well


Sinead Goldrick is sheer class. She’s nearly as good as Cora …,


That was a joy to watch. Ard caighdain ar fad.


She played midfield a few years ago but she’s back at center half for the last 2 years.


Congratulations ladies. Defense were unreal.


Fantastic, well done to the team.


Carla Rowe of Clann Mhuire is the POTM with her 2 excellent goals. Congrats to all the Dubs fans. Fully deserved winners :smiley:


Brilliant stuff. Another record attendance?


Well done, closed it out really well.


Great stuff. Think we maybe made it more difficult than it should’ve been.

Carla Rowe POTM. Always recall her gutwrenching, honest interview, on FM 104 IIRC, after the lack of hawkeye final. Reminded me a bit of MDMA’s words after the 2010 AI semi-final. Both drove on in similar fashion.
Well done, girls.


Great game and win. Brilliant speech by Sinead Aherne.


Great speech from a class act - Sinead Aherne take a bow. Feel a little sorry for Ephie … :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Down in rural Cork, match not on the box in the pub I am in. Poxy greyhound racing on instead!
All together now, Come On You Girls in Blue…