2018 All Ireland Ladies Senior Football Final : Dublin vs Cork


Some point. Great stuff


Is every girl marking their opponent , nobody seems to have any space to manoeuvre .Very tight .


Rattling good game. I’m glad TG4 allowed the rest of the world to watch it too.
Dublin’s backs are voracious.


What a great moment for Carla Rowe after what happened 2 yrs ago. Well worked team goal from Dublin.


Great move for Rowe’s goal. Offload to Noelle moving like a train was key. Good response to the Cork goal.


Sure was. Where are you watching the game, any problems with the commentary being in Irish?


Ladies football for tg4 online is not geoblocked. I know who all 30 people are on the pitch so its not a problem.


My mother has little or no Irish and she can understand Brian Tyres. He is brilliant.


Dublin ref :wink::wink:


Should’ve been a free in for Goldrick fouling the ball in playing it away, maybe?


Good shoulder into Mick Bohan from cork girl :grinning:


Here comes Saoirse Noonan.


What’s with ladies football jerseys trying to get the Derry look. Louth and cork both have a white band ruining their red tops.


Forward play could cost us this. Wrong options all the time.


Niamh Collins just saved a goal.


We know we re watching it !!


Doubt creeping in now unfortunately.


HB line saving our bacon here between the shot block & then the goal-line clearance.


Point taking from outside 25 yard range is non existent in ladies football. Lots of energy spent trying to get in closer to the posts .


That would have been the best goal ever seen in croker, awful pity.