2018 All Ireland Ladies Senior Football Final : Dublin vs Cork


Surely last year was a big push because it was versus Mayo? They turned up in big numbers too.

Must say, the standard if ladies football has vastky improved. They play some great attacking football.

Suspect under a high ball and keepers are questionable. Like myself!


Good point about Mayo and their support although Cork women footballers are better supported than the men! There was over 34,000 at 2016 final when they last met so perhaps 50,000 is over ambitious.

Probably true to say that senior women are the elite of women’s teams sports. Lyndsey Peat got on to the rugby international team. Difficult to think of any of them making the reverse transfer.

Used to be dreadful stuff to watch but improving skill levels and phenomenal athleticism have made it one of best team sports, including most men’s football, to watch at senior level.


Best of luck to the Girls in blue today and enjoy the day those that are going


Best of luck to the ladies in the quest for two in a row, should be a great game and lots of buses being organised to attend. Lgfa keep promoting the fact they want to break the attendance, ticket sales must be very good !


Meath will bring a big crowd to the Intermediate final too.


And a smell of shite


Best of luck to the women today. Fingers crossed they can finally get the better of Cork in a big game, I’d imagine a win over Cork for them will be the same as 2011 against Kerry for the men.


Junior Final pretty awful. Louth with their blanket defence - one point scored in 15 mins. Louth in for a hiding here.


Great to see thw direct running and kick passing in the Tyrone Meath game… Tyrone have a couple of classy footballers


Meath defence - like Louth’s - non-existent. Forwards dreadfully selfish - constantly over carrying and getting turned over.


Watching Tyrone v Meath in anything is very difficult as I know that it’s not possible for both teams to lose.


Crazy scoreline.


C’mon the Tyrone ladies!! My niece and sister in law are down at the game.

Although I’m minded what Homer said to Lisa when she wanted to join the ice hockey team.

Homer: Lisa, if the Bible has taught us nothing else, and it hasn’t, it’s that girls should stick to girls’ sports, such as hot-oil wrestling, foxy boxing, and such-and-such…


Yer wan asking about whether Dublin will crumble :roll_eyes:


Is Hawkeye been used today , don’t want a repeat of a couple of years ago.


Yeah it was used for one of the calls in the earlier game.


Jaysus a few of that Meath team I wouldn’t fancy boxing or wrestling with.

Seems to be a very serious step up in athleticism between junior/inter and senior.

Lot of mind games going in pre match stuff that can dublin beat Cork in a tight game and cork are the team dublin have been waiting for to beat for 18 months. Talk the talk got to walk the walk now c’mon dublin.


Couple of robust physiques on display alright at junior and intermediate level.


Dublin to hammer them …


This is gonna be tight