2018 All Ireland Ladies Senior Football Final : Dublin vs Cork


Last year’s attendance set some kind of record for attendances at a women’s team sport, didn’t it?


Yeah, but wasn’t 2010 not far from that? I’m not using any sources, just my shit memory!


What are you doing here?


No think 2016 and 2017 were well ahead of previous ones.

At a guess i’d say 2010 was 20 to 25k


Fair enough. My memory is shit as I said…

No where did I leave my feet?


46k last year. I’m hearing they’re hoping to break 50k this year. That would be some achievement considering the Tyrone - Monaghan men’s semi-final was under 50k and Dublin - Galway was 54k.


You were typing with them. Check your keyboard.


Seriously, have a think about it.
What women’s team event gets a bigger attendance around the world? I think it’s phenomenal.


Lidl do a great job of promoting it, constantly on the radio/billboards this week


Even though they don’t sponsor the championship :wink:

The sponsors TG4 do a great job too


Nah TG4 usually stick a load of flags on the Hill - dunno how anyone there can see anything!


It would have been more appropriate to have them as sponsors under their original name…
T na Gee.


Must be close to being a joint sponsor at this stage though


Lidl sponsor the leagues


English FA womens final gets over 40,000 now, but can’t think of another women’s domestic team sport that gets anything close to that of our one.

Attendances for women’s rugby and soccer here are abysmal in comparison.

A lot of it has to do with how well it is promoted, apart from being a very entertaining game at senior level. Much more so than majority of non Dublin senior mens it has to be said!



You don’t follow the men’s at all, no?


the hill is closed. hill 16 is dublin men only.



It is a pity they are not opening Hill. Even with the expected 40,000+ place still looks terrible with one end empty. Apart from improving the atmosphere by spreading crowd around the pitch, it would encourage more people to go if they charged 15 Euro a ticket.