2018 All Ireland Ladies Senior Football Final : Dublin vs Cork


I hate the way men patronise the women’s game. It should be 70 mins, they should have to get their toe under the ball, the Dub ladies should get cars and meals delivered, etc, etc. These ladies are well able to cook for themselves.


Something to do with the hips?


Ooooh, Serena’s comin’ t’ getcha!!


From what I can see, there are same number of shots from distance in both ladies and men’s. Zero.
Ladies choose not to shoot from distance as most can’t physically score from distance. In mens, they now never shoot from distance as they’re told not to. Big loss of one of great skills of men’s game.


Howard and Fenton scores fine points from distance.


There was stat pre final that Dublin had zero shots from play outside 45m in first 7 championship games this year.


I’d prefer to see that kind of intelligence than the 1/5 Flynner/Kilkenny Hail Mary boomers tbh. If guys get the space they will kick long range as the Raheny men did a few times this season. Maybe not 45m but we certainly had a good few from 30m+


Just listening to rte sport and Mick bohan touted as next roscommon manager, I’m wondering does he stay on and try and do 3 in a row or if if ever wanted dublin men’s job does he had to take a men’s team.

Ps the bit on the radio about former mayo ladies captain crying over hurt feelings was a little embarrassing for all :astonished:


there was a lot said on the pratcast by the mayo manager last week. mentioned “borderline slanderous” and lo and behold - Cora’s big interview with the boilers has vanished off their website, along with any mention of it!

TBF to the prat he has the bit between his teeth on this one - the next cast he was lashing the indo/OTB/today fm for not giving the managers side of the story enough coverage and not asking Cora some hard questions. Maybe its because Cora seems to have taken his place now within communicorp, maybe not, but he has a point. She was the lead writer in the indo yesterday on the ladies final where the mayo ladies situation seems to have been swept under the carpet.


She is an absolute workhorse and athlete that brings a lot top the table but wouldn’t have her as a natural footballer. You should be able to kick off both feet for that as an example which she struggles with