2018 All Ireland Ladies Senior Football Final : Dublin vs Cork


Agree 100% a great advertiement for the game and a great way to get kids involved.


Hand appeared to be up for a throw ball from a Dublin player. He did play the advantage!


Can you play advantage if the opposition foul the ball?


Yes, can play advantage for all technical and aggressive infractions.


Fair play to the Dublettes. Great win and reward to the team and all of those involved in Ladies’ football in Dublin.


Was in Cusack upper myself, hot food place kept running out of chips, one shop would take the lid of bottles whereas the other one didn’t! Whoever runs the shops in Croke Park hasn’t a clue! Great day all in, kids loved it, really good spectacle, no cynicism at all, just 2 teams trying to win. Great tackling my both teams, though ref let the game flow, didn’t see the throw for the Cork goal so good advantage played by him. This Dublin team could go on and win many more titles but Cork will have learnt a lot from yesterday. If they had gotten that 2nd goal, who knows what might of happened.


I don’t to be honest. I did use both ‘think’ and ‘looks’, so just offering an uneducated opionin.

My reasoning is because she looks so comfortable when she is on the ball and seems to always pick the right pass.

I think there are some great forwards, only thing missing is the point scoring but that seems to be improving year on year.


She’s had a great bounce back year after struggling to make an impact in 2017. I think she’s a firefighter in her regular job so obviously a huge work balance to be done there.


Hand was up as Goldrick went tumbling to the ground . Maybe he changed his mind but his hand was well up before she threw the ball away


If I had to put my money on it I think it is between Sinead Aherne and Ciara O’Sullivan for POTY.


Agree with that


Great win for the ladies alright. Anyone any idea what the blue wristbands were for on them? Seemed to say 52 maybe a reference to all the year?


Great win and a great attendance. A very enjoyable day out. But the excellent attendance masks the fact that this is one day in the year. The semi finals only get tiny crowds. It’s a pity, it is a serious sport now.


I don’t get hugely hung up on the one off nature of the final attendances versus semi finals or earlier matches.
Looking at vast majority of attendees yesterday, they seem to be GAA people - parents, players and coaches enjoying the annual day out. Rest of year they’re out playing/coaching/watching matches.


Have watched a good few of their matches this year, it’s enjoyable fare. Play a nice brand of football but yea, the attendances are funny. yuuuge crowd yesterday but very small crowds the rest of the year. Not helped of course by playing in big stadia a lot of the time, makes the crowd looks even smaller.


fair play to the dubs…i think ye had the greater hunger and motivation yesterday after losing 3 all finals to cork in recent seasons. i could see the tackling was manic where as cork were far too loose.

from corks perspective considering the transition of players like stack etc retiring… to the new talent coming through will motivate them for next season. john cleary has done great work at minor winning the last 4 titles …so the players are there and i expect cork to come back stronger again in the next few years to get the record.


and cork dislike meath too…more than many would realise.in 1991 every pub in cork was cheering on the dubs


Did you have to go and bring that feckin up! :confounded:


I think it is fair enough to have it at 60 mins, the ball has to be worked much closer in ladies football to get the scores as they just can’t physically kick it as far so a lot more running than can be required in the men’s game.


Fair point. Although some would say that the men’s game is heading in a similar direction i.e. lots of legwork, working the ball in around the ‘D’ so much when they do have the ability to kick from further outfield.

You’re right. A topic for elsewhere!